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About Us

Nautical Digital – Maritime Digital Expertise Since 2020

With a specific focus on the maritime and marine sectors, Nautical Digital has become a trusted name in maritime digital marketing, helping clients amplify their digital presence, generate industry-specific leads, and craft an online brand that stands out. In addition, we also produce a B2B maritime publication, offering insights, interviews, and stories from industry leaders and their companies.

Pioneering Online Strategies for the Maritime World

In the ever-evolving digital realm, innovation is paramount. With Nautical Digital at the helm, your maritime business is always ahead, driven by seasoned professionals with deep roots in the global maritime digital landscape.
Super Yacht Moored

Our Story

Launched in 2020, Nautical Digital set its course as a premier digital marketing agency with a laser focus on the maritime and marine sectors. This specialisation stems from years of supporting clients in maritime digital promotions, sales strategies, and brand narratives.

Alongside our digital offerings, our B2B maritime publication provides an insider’s perspective, showcasing the narratives and strategies of executives and companies across the maritime spectrum.

Our Tailored Approach

Every maritime entity is unique, and so are our strategies. As a leading maritime digital agency, we’ve honed our expertise to deliver results tailored to the maritime and marine industries.

Our pillars of success—Research Focus, Strategic Vision, and Data-Driven Analysis—ensure that our partners always sail in favourable digital winds.

Alex and his team at Nautical Digital helped bring our online presence and image to a new level. We’re super happy with the results and output of not only Alex but his Team as well. Well informed, strategic and using proven methods.”

Nik Roné Thullesen – Founder Global Marine Technologies

Comprehensive Maritime Digital Solutions

Sales and Marketing are the twin engines of growth. At Nautical Digital, we’ve crafted a suite of maritime digital solutions for businesses keen on growth and industry prominence. From cutting-edge digital marketing strategies to our insightful B2B maritime publication, we offer a holistic approach to maritime brand elevation.

Container Ship in Harbour