Akerboom yacht equipment

Akerboom Yacht Equipment

Innovation and Craftsmanship: Steering Akerboom Yacht Equipment Into the Future   In the realm of luxury superyachts, where tradition meets innovation, Akerboom Yacht Equipment (AYE) stands as a testament to
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American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)

Shaping the future on the front line of shipping’s technology transformation   Technology is advancing more rapidly than any other time in maritime history, with digital technologies moving fastest of
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Portfolio Ankaa


Digital Transformation Revolutionises Maritime Recruitment: The Ankaa Success Story In an era of digital innovation, the maritime recruitment industry faced a significant challenge: outdated systems ill-suited to its unique demands.
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Breakbulk Events

Breakbulk Events & Media

Connecting the World: Breakbulk Europe’s Role in Shaping Global Project Cargo   In the world of project cargo and breakbulk, Breakbulk Europe stands out as the key event, bringing together
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Portfolio Crew Pages

Crew Pages

Crew Pages: Revolutionising Maritime Recruitment Imagine having one place to connect with maritime recruiters worldwide, being visible to all job opportunities, and having access to all maritime jobs in one
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Portfolio ELNA


Innovating Maritime Technology: A Deep Dive with ELNA GmbH’s Leif Schick   Explore maritime innovation with Leif Schick, Managing Director of ELNA GmbH. Schick discusses ELNA’s diverse product development, from
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