Hapag-Lloyd, a global leader in container shipping, is teaming up with digital solutions provider ZeroNorth to revolutionize bunker planning and procurement. This partnership reflects a strategic push to integrate advanced digital tools to enhance efficiency and drive decarbonization efforts across Hapag-Lloyd’s operations. By digitalising the bunker procurement process, the collaboration aims to set new industry standards for sustainability and operational efficiency.

Strategic Digitalisation for Environmental Leadership

The initiative is designed to optimise Hapag-Lloyd’s fuel expenditure and streamline operational processes. Features of the new digital system include enhanced contract and port planning capabilities, contract tender functions, and a sophisticated pricing algorithm, which together promise a transformative improvement in how maritime fuel is managed. These tools are expected to provide a more transparent, accountable, and efficient approach to bunker procurement, a critical component in reducing the shipping industry’s carbon footprint.

Jan Christensen, Senior Director of Global Fuel Purchasing at Hapag-Lloyd, emphasised the importance of finding the right partners to advance their decarbonisation strategy. ZeroNorth’s expertise in developing top-tier digital solutions is seen as crucial for Hapag-Lloyd to achieve its environmental goals. Kenneth Juhls, Managing Director of ZeroNorth Bunker, also highlighted the significance of collaboration to tackle the industry’s challenges, pointing out that partnerships like this are essential for meaningful progress in digitalisation and decarbonisation.

About Hapag-Lloyd and ZeroNorth

Hapag-Lloyd is renowned for its extensive fleet and global reach in the container shipping sector, committed to innovative solutions for sustainable shipping. ZeroNorth, meanwhile, specialises in optimising maritime operations through data-driven insights and cutting-edge technology, aiming to reduce emissions and enhance vessel performance.

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