NAVTOR, a key player in e-Navigation and performance technology, and Voyager Worldwide, a leader in maritime technology solutions, have announced a merger to create a global market leader in the maritime technology industry. This merger is expected to deliver products and services to approximately 18,000 vessels globally and is slated to close by December 2023.

A Strategic Union in Maritime Technology
This merger combines NAVTOR’s expertise in e-Navigation and performance monitoring with Voyager Worldwide’s proficiency in vessel management and maritime charts and publications. The combined entity will offer an expansive array of services and solutions, strengthening their global presence and market leadership.

Enhancing Operational Excellence and Innovation
The merger aims to address the evolving needs of the dynamic maritime market, focusing on smarter, safer, and greener shipping operations. Both companies will leverage their combined strengths to offer best-in-class fleet operations technology, vital for enhancing safety, efficiency, and compliance in maritime operations.

Commitment to Customer-Centric Solutions
Tor Svanes, CEO of NAVTOR, and Kent Lee, CEO of Voyager Worldwide, have expressed their excitement about the merger. They emphasise the opportunity to unite maritime innovation ecosystems of Norway and Singapore, driving the industry forward with new growth potential and innovations.

The NAVTOR and Voyager Worldwide merger represents a pivotal moment in the maritime technology industry. It signifies a commitment to advancing maritime operations through enhanced safety, efficiency, and environmental sustainability. This strategic move sets a new standard in the industry, promising to deliver a comprehensive suite of solutions and services to the global maritime community.

NAVTOR is a renowned provider of e-Navigation and performance technology, dedicated to enhancing maritime operations with innovative solutions.

About Voyager Worldwide
Voyager Worldwide offers a broad range of maritime technology solutions, focusing on vessel management, e-Navigation, and maritime charts and publications.

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