RightShip, a leading digital maritime platform focused on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) aspects, has partnered with AD Ports Group to implement the Maritime Emissions Portal (MEP) in its ports. This strategic collaboration aims to enhance sustainable maritime operations and align with global decarbonisation targets.

Integrating Advanced Emissions Tracking
The MEP combines AIS vessel data with RightShip’s insights to track and manage ship emissions effectively. This tool is key for identifying opportunities to reduce environmental impact within port and terminal operations.

Facilitating Decarbonisation Strategies
AD Ports Group will leverage this technology to support their emissions reduction strategy. Othman Al Khouri, Executive Director at AD Ports Group, emphasises the critical role of technology in reducing carbon footprints and enhancing operational efficiency. RightShip’s MEP will enable data-informed decisions, facilitating instantaneous critical decision-making.

Enhancing Operational Efficiency and Compliance
The MEP’s integration supports AD Ports Group’s commitment to improving efficiency and ensuring compliance with evolving regulatory landscapes. It aligns with the broader objectives of reducing emissions and fostering sustainable maritime operations.

A Commitment to Sustainable Maritime Industry
Andrew Roberts, Executive Director at RightShip, highlights the partnership as a demonstration of commitment to excellence in the maritime industry. The collaboration with AD Ports Group significantly contributes to RightShip’s mission of creating a zero-harm maritime industry.

The partnership between RightShip and AD Ports Group marks a significant step in enhancing maritime sustainability through advanced emissions tracking and management. This collaboration sets a new standard in the industry for emissions management and sustainable maritime operations.

About RightShip
RightShip is a global leader in digital maritime solutions, driving sustainability and efficiency in the maritime industry.

About AD Ports Group
AD Ports Group is a key facilitator of global trade, logistics, and industry, dedicated to connecting global maritime routes and enhancing port operations.

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