Shi.E.L.D. Services has embarked on a digital transformation journey in bulk shipping by selecting Spinergie as its digitised solution provider. This partnership aims to optimise Shi.E.L.D. Services’ global bulk operations through innovative technologies.

Revolutionising Bulk Logistics with Digital Solutions
Spinergie’s Smart Fleet Management system stands out with its user-friendly interface and advanced algorithms. This system is designed to enhance operational performance in the bulk industry, offering efficient and reliable daily reporting capabilities and AI-powered data analysis for improved decision-making.

Enhancing Efficiency and Reducing Emissions
The system provides dynamic live operations tracking with a unified interface for real-time fleet coordination. Customised operational KPI analytics, including gross/net loading and discharge rates and fuel consumption per ton, are key features. Additionally, the system automates laytime calculations, streamlining work processes and reducing calculation errors.

Strategic Partnership for Operational Excellence
Guglielmo Tersavi, Operations Director at Shi.E.L.D. Services, highlighted the critical role of operational efficiency in bulk logistics. He praised Spinergie for its intuitive design and strong analytics capabilities, which ensure reliable data and significant savings in time and cost. Jean Cristofari, CEO of Spinergie, expressed pride in supporting Shi.E.L.D. Services, foreseeing a long-term relationship and substantial value addition.

Shi.E.L.D. Services’ Commitment to Innovation
With a mission to provide top-tier management and consultancy services in shipping and logistics for dry bulk materials, Shi.E.L.D. Services is committed to offering tailor-made solutions that comply with regulations, respect the environment, and ensure safety and cost efficiency.

Spinergie’s Technological Prowess in Maritime Industry
Spinergie, specialising in emission reduction and vessel performance optimisation, brings a wealth of expertise to this partnership. Its digital platform, powered by millions of data points, leverages proprietary algorithms and industry knowledge to create customised recommendations for each operation and vessel.

This strategic collaboration between Shi.E.L.D. Services and Spinergie marks a significant step towards modernising bulk shipping operations. By harnessing Spinergie’s cutting-edge Smart Fleet Management solution, Shi.E.L.D. Services is set to enhance productivity and achieve emission reduction, contributing to a more sustainable maritime industry.

About Shi.E.L.D. Services
Shi.E.L.D. Services offers expert management and consultancy in the shipping and logistics sectors, specialising in dry bulk materials and committed to sustainable and efficient operations.

About Spinergie
Spinergie is a leader in maritime technology, focusing on emission reduction and optimising marine operations through its advanced digital platform.

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