In an unprecedented feat in the world of luxury yachting, Damen Yachting has celebrated the simultaneous launch of two unique Amels Limited Editions superyachts. The launch of the 74-metre Amels 242 and the 60-metre Amels 200 from their headquarters in Vlissingen City, the Netherlands, marks a historic day for the renowned shipyard and the maritime industry at large.

Crafting Maritime Elegance: The Amels 242 and Amels 200
The two yachts, each a masterpiece in their own right, represent the pinnacle of naval craftsmanship and design. The Amels 242, with its distinctive Flag blue hull and Oyster white superstructure, stands out with its bold color scheme. The interior, designed by the acclaimed Winch Design, is an embodiment of luxury with semi-precious agate blue stones greeting guests at the main entrance and various blue marbles accentuating the vessel’s elegance.

The Amels 200, meanwhile, showcases a Whisper Grey hull, customised with exterior bars on every level and a balcony on the Main Deck, a testament to the owner’s unique vision. These design elements, alongside upgraded windbreakers in a dark grey tone, create a cohesive and visually striking aesthetic.

A New Chapter in Yacht Design
Tim Heywood, the legendary designer behind the exteriors of these Amels Limited Editions, has once again proven his unparalleled ability to blend timeless elegance with modern innovation. The interior customisation, a hallmark of the Amels Limited Editions range, allows owners to imbue their personal style into the yachts, as exemplified by the distinct interiors created by Winch Design.

Enhanced Onboard Experience
Both yachts offer features that set new standards in luxury. The Amels 242 boasts a dedicated Owner’s Deck with a Jacuzzi, a large aft swimming pool, and a Lower Deck Wellness Space. The Amels 200, with its balcony on the Main Deck and exterior bars, offers unique dining and entertaining layouts across its multiple decks. These amenities ensure that up to 12 guests can enjoy unparalleled comfort and style.

Comments from the Makers
Peter Dijkwel, Project Manager at Damen Yachting, commented on the Amels 242, highlighting the variety of marbles as a key element of its uniqueness. Tom Oomkens, Project Manager for the Amels 200, expressed how the yacht reflects the owner’s unique vision with its many distinctive details.

The launch of these two Amels Limited Editions superyachts is more than just a milestone for Damen Yachting; it’s a celebration of maritime artistry and luxury. These vessels not only embody the highest standards of yacht design and construction but also represent the evolving aspirations and tastes of the discerning clientele in the superyacht industry.

About Damen Yachting
Damen Yachting, a global leader in the superyacht industry, specialises in creating bespoke luxury yachts that blend traditional craftsmanship with modern innovation.

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