Wärtsilä Corporation and Carnival Corporation have solidified their commitment to the maritime industry’s green transition by extending their performance-based agreement until March 2030. This extension builds on the successful partnership initiated in 2017, aiming to enhance the maintenance, technical support, and optimisation of 57 cruise ships across Carnival’s global fleet.

Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Cruising

The collaboration focuses on reducing fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions through advanced engine optimisation and fuel-saving technologies. This initiative aligns with Carnival Corporation’s ambitious goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050, emphasising the critical role of innovation in sustainable maritime operations.

Expertise and Efficiency at the Forefront

Riccardo Cordara from Carnival Corporation highlighted the importance of the partnership with Wärtsilä in driving environmental sustainability efforts. Similarly, Wärtsilä’s Andy Dickinson underscored the value of leveraging their extensive experience and cutting-edge maintenance solutions to enhance cruise ship efficiency and environmental performance.

Comprehensive Support for a Greener Future

The agreement encompasses a wide range of services, including spare parts provision, technical audits, crew training, and a pioneering fuel savings program. This comprehensive support package is designed to ensure optimal performance and efficiency across Carnival’s fleet, contributing to the broader maritime industry’s environmental objectives.

About Wärtsilä Corporation

Wärtsilä is a global leader in innovative maritime technologies, offering a broad array of solutions that enhance the sustainability and efficiency of shipping operations.

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