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Data Discovery

Uncovering Treasures of the Deep: Data Discovery Services at Nautical Digital

Navigating the vast ocean of information, Nautical Digital offers unparalleled Data Discovery services, designed to unearth the most valuable and actionable data for your maritime business. Our comprehensive service is tailored to empower your sales and marketing strategies with high-quality, precisely targeted leads that propel your business forward.

image of our data discovery service on a PC

Service Overview: Comprehensive Exploration and Extraction

At Nautical Digital, our Data Discovery journey extends far beyond conventional sources. We delve into a plethora of rich data reservoirs including directory listings, exhibitor lists, and association member lists, alongside an extensive daily extraction of LinkedIn records ranging from 15,000 to 20,000 profiles. This robust approach ensures a steady influx of potential leads, continuously enhancing your prospecting endeavours.

Our expert navigators are skilled in qualifying between 20,000 to 30,000 contacts weekly. We emphasise the accuracy and relevance of each contact to perfectly align with your specific business needs, ensuring that every piece of data holds potential value for your enterprise. With a steadfast commitment to a 90% accuracy rate, our Data Discovery service promises data you can trust, making every contact count.

The depths of data we provide are comprehensive, including essential fields such as Contact Name, Title, Email, Phone, Address, City, State, Zip, Company Name, Website, Staff Level, Revenue, Industry, and personal and company LinkedIn URLs. This wealth of information offers a holistic view of each prospect, furnishing your business with all the tools necessary for successful engagement.

Understanding the varied needs of the maritime sector, our pricing structure is designed to scale with your requirements:

  • Up to 50,000 records: £0.30 per record
  • 50,000+ records: £0.27 per record
  • 100,000+ records: £0.25 per record

With a minimum contract value set for 1,000 records, we ensure optimal service delivery tailored to both small ventures and large enterprises, focusing on client satisfaction and data quality.

At Nautical Digital, we stand by the highest standards of data quality and client satisfaction. We recognize the pivotal role accurate and actionable data plays in crafting successful sales and marketing strategies. Our commitment is not just in delivering data but ensuring it transforms your approach to market engagement and lead generation.

To embark on your Data Discovery voyage with Nautical Digital, confirm your acceptance of our proposal and specify the volume of records you wish to acquire. Upon confirmation, we will draft a service agreement and set sail on our journey to revolutionise your data sourcing tactics.