ABS Endorses Light Structures’ SENSFIB Hull Stress Monitoring System with SMART PDA

In a significant advancement for maritime safety and digitalisation, the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) has awarded the SMART Product Design Assessment (PDA) to Light Structures’ SENSFIB Hull Stress Monitoring System. This recognition marks a pivotal moment in the industry, highlighting the system’s exceptional capabilities in enhancing structural health monitoring and prediction through its innovative fibre optic sensor-based approach.

Innovative Approach to Structural Health Monitoring

The SENSFIB system, distinguished by its Tier 3 Smart Structural Health Monitoring classification, utilises cutting-edge fibre optic technology to provide real-time, high-fidelity data on hull stresses. This data, derived from a network of fiber optic strain sensors and accelerometers, offers invaluable insights into the impacts of cargo loading, environmental conditions, and the passage of time on vessel integrity.

Enhanced Safety and Operational Efficiency

Vessels equipped with the SENSFIB system can now achieve the ABS Class notation SMART(SHM) Tier 3, signifying a global standard in hull and fatigue monitoring. This classification not only underscores the system’s reliability but also its contribution to safer maritime operations and condition-based maintenance strategies.

A Testament to Collaboration and Innovation

The certification was formally presented to Niklas Hallgren, CEO of Light Structures, at the ABS headquarters in Houston, symbolising a collaborative effort towards advancing maritime safety. Patrick Ryan, ABS Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, praised the certification as a testament to Light Structures’ commitment to structural health and the growing importance of SMART systems in the industry.

About ABS

ABS stands as a global leader in classification and technical advisory services for the marine and offshore industries, dedicated to promoting safety, design excellence, and the practical application of advanced technologies.

About Light Structures AS

Founded in 2001, Light Structures AS has emerged as the premier provider of fibre optic stress and fatigue monitoring systems, leveraging Fibre Bragg Grating technology to deliver bespoke solutions for maritime asset design, safety, and operations.

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Ambrey and Inchcape Shipping Services Forge Strategic Alliance to Elevate Maritime Safety and Security

Ambrey and Inchcape Shipping Services (ISS) have announced a ground-breaking partnership aimed at redefining safety and security standards within the maritime sector. This collaboration merges Ambrey’s leading safety and security expertise with Inchcape’s extensive global network and operational knowledge, promising to deliver enhanced safety measures and improved commercial outcomes across the industry.

A Comprehensive Suite of Services

Under the leadership of Vice President Chris Greenwood, Inchcape’s dedicated Survey & Inspection Department will offer a wide array of services in collaboration with Ambrey. These services include Citadel Inspections, Ship Security Assessments, Anti-Piracy Ship Security Assessments, Ship Security Plan Reviews, and Port Security Assessments. This partnership is poised to significantly strengthen safety protocols, operational efficiency, and risk management in maritime operations worldwide.

Leveraging Global Expertise for Enhanced Safety

Inchcape Shipping Services, known for its trusted expertise and representation in over 85% of the world’s ports, brings to the table a deep understanding of commercial shipping operations. This, combined with Ambrey’s unparalleled risk management capabilities, aims to foster a culture of safety and best practices within the maritime industry, ultimately benefiting the sector’s safety and commercial viability.

A Union of Strengths for Unmatched Solutions

The alliance allows Inchcape to tap into Ambrey’s vast experience in safety and security, complementing its own global reach, data intelligence, and comprehensive marine services. This synergy is expected to set new benchmarks for safety and security solutions in the maritime domain, with both entities committed to driving significant advancements in industry standards.

Industry Leaders on the Partnership

Svend Stenberg, CCO at Inchcape Shipping Services, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting the combined potential to revolutionise maritime safety protocols. Chris Charnley, Group Managing Director at Ambrey, emphasised the partnership’s role in addressing the dynamic threats facing global shipping and the maritime sector, underscoring Ambrey’s commitment to innovation and leadership in maritime security.

About Inchcape Shipping Services

Inchcape Shipping Services stands as the premier Port Agency and Marine Services provider, with a rich history dating back to 1847. With a global footprint spanning 247 offices in 60 countries, Inchcape is dedicated to delivering smooth port calls and successful trade operations, supported by a team of over 3,200 professionals.

About Ambrey

Ambrey is recognised as a global leader in maritime security risk management, offering comprehensive solutions to safeguard crew, vessels, and cargo. With a robust team and a global presence, Ambrey combines unique data, insights, and technology to mitigate operational risks effectively.

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ZeroNorth Expands Digital Horizons with Acquisition of Euronav’s FAST Platform

In a strategic move that underscores the accelerating pace of digital transformation in the maritime industry, Denmark-based technology firm ZeroNorth has announced its acquisition of the Fleet Automatic Statistics and Tracking (FAST) platform from Belgian shipping giant Euronav. This acquisition not only marks a significant expansion of ZeroNorth’s digital offerings but also heralds a new era of enhanced operational efficiency and sustainability in maritime logistics.

FAST: A Beacon of Digital Innovation

The FAST platform, renowned for its advanced high-frequency data collection capabilities, has been instrumental in optimising Euronav’s fleet operations. By facilitating real-time data acquisition from onboard sensors, FAST has enabled improved ship reporting, voyage optimization, and overall vessel performance. This integration of technology has led to notable reductions in fuel consumption and operational expenses, aligning with broader industry goals of sustainability and efficiency.

A Partnership for the Future

With this acquisition, Euronav transitions to a customer of ZeroNorth’s comprehensive platform, signaling a deepening of collaborative ties between the two entities. The integration of FAST’s capabilities with ZeroNorth’s platform is expected to yield significant advancements in data-driven maritime operations, offering a blueprint for the industry’s journey towards zero emissions.

Investing in a Sustainable Maritime Ecosystem

ZeroNorth’s Chief Growth Officer & EVP, Pelle Sommansson, emphasised the transformative potential of incorporating FAST into their platform, highlighting the pivotal role of high-frequency data in overcoming industry challenges. Euronav’s Operations Manager, Patrick Declerck, echoed this sentiment, underscoring the partnership’s alignment with Euronav’s sustainability ambitions and its impact on fostering a greener shipping industry.

About ZeroNorth

ZeroNorth is at the forefront of digital innovation in the maritime sector, dedicated to optimising vessel operations and promoting sustainability through cutting-edge technology solutions. With a focus on data-driven decision-making, ZeroNorth is helping shape the future of global trade and environmental stewardship in shipping.

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CMA CGM Expands Logistics Empire with Strategic Acquisition of UK’s Wincanton

In a bold move to diversify its transport operations, France’s CMA CGM Group, a major player in the global shipping industry, has announced the acquisition of Wincanton, a prominent UK and Ireland logistics company. This acquisition, valued at nearly $720 million, is a strategic step for CMA CGM to grow its logistics and shoreside operations, marking its entry into the UK supermarket sector.

Strategic Expansion in the Logistics Arena

The acquisition is part of a larger expansion strategy by CMA CGM’s subsidiary, CEVA Logistics, to strengthen its presence in the UK, particularly in the grocery and consumer sectors. Wincanton, with operations spanning over 170 sites across Britain and Ireland, will add a significant layer of expertise in warehousing management and grocery to CMA CGM’s portfolio.

Financial Aspects and Market Impact

CMA CGM, under the control of the Franco-Lebanese billionaire Saade family, has offered 450 pence per share for Wincanton, reflecting a 52% premium over its closing stock price. This deal values Wincanton’s equity at approximately 566.9 million pounds ($718.77 million), including debt, bringing its enterprise value to about 765 million pounds. Following the announcement, Wincanton’s shares surged by 47%, attaining their highest value since July 2021.

CMA CGM’s Growing Logistics Footprint

This acquisition is the latest in a series of strategic moves by CMA CGM to expand its logistics capabilities. The group has recently made a $5.5 billion bid for Bollore’s logistics unit, acquired auto logistics firm Gefco, and freight forwarder CEVA Logistics. These acquisitions underscore CMA CGM’s commitment to providing end-to-end transport services and comprehensive supply chain management solutions to its clients.

Wincanton’s Diverse Operations

Wincanton, active in various sectors such as food, consumer goods, fuel, and defence, competes with major players like DHL and GXO in the UK and Ireland markets. The acquisition by CEVA Logistics UK Rose Ltd., advised by investment bank Morgan Stanley, signals a new era of growth and diversification for both companies.


CMA CGM’s acquisition of Wincanton represents a significant development in the logistics and shipping industry, highlighting the group’s intent to broaden its logistics operations and enhance its service offerings in the UK and Ireland. This move is poised to reshape the logistics landscape, offering a unique opportunity for CMA CGM to leverage Wincanton’s expertise in grocery and consumer markets.


CMA CGM Group is a leading worldwide shipping and logistics company, known for its extensive global presence and innovative solutions in the maritime sector.

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Adora Magic City Sets Sail: China’s First Domestically Built Cruise Ship Equipped with Wärtsilä Solutions

China marks a significant milestone in its maritime industry with the Adora Magic City, the nation’s first domestically built large cruise ship, ready to embark on its maiden voyage. This ground-breaking vessel is equipped with a suite of advanced solutions from Wärtsilä, a global leader in innovative maritime technologies.

Wärtsilä’s Technological Contribution

Wärtsilä ANCS has outfitted the Adora Magic City with a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art solutions, including the NACOS Platinum Valmatic automation and control system, valve control system, low location lighting, navigation system, engine and bridge control room console, and a smart motor control unit. The vessel also features Wärtsilä’s bow thruster system and dynamic trim system, alongside supplies of cable and steel parts.

Thomas Heldarskard-winnerskjold, Director of Automation & Navigation at ANCS, highlights the project’s significance: “The cruise industry has always been a key focus for ANCS in providing innovative automation and making navigation capabilities possible. The Adora Magic City not only represents a leap forward for China’s shipbuilding industry but also allows new opportunities for the cruising industry in China.”

Ship Specifications and Maiden Voyage

The Adora Magic City is a marvel of modern shipbuilding, measuring 323.6 meters in length and with a gross weight of 135,500 tonnes. It can accommodate up to 5,246 passengers in its 2,125 guest rooms. The ship, which boasts 16 floors and 40,000 square meters of public living and recreation space, is scheduled for its first commercial voyage on January 1, 2024, initially covering routes in Northeast Asia, with plans to expand to China-Southeast Asia routes later on.

Zhou Qi, Project Manager at Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding, CSSC, underlines the project’s impact: “The project’s importance lies in its role as a symbol of China’s prowess in shipbuilding, and Wärtsilä ANCS, with their innovative products and continuous support, have allowed us to set new standards in China for the luxury cruising industry.”

A Symbol of Pioneering Shipbuilding

The successful launch of the Adora Magic City underscores China’s capabilities in constructing large-scale, luxury cruise ships. This vessel is not only a testament to China’s advancements in the maritime sector but also sets a new benchmark for luxury cruising in the country.

For more information about the Adora Magic City and its collaboration with Wärtsilä, please refer to the original sources at Wärtsilä Corporation and CGTN.

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COSCO SHIPPING and bp Establish Strategic Alliance in Shanghai

COSCO SHIPPING, a major powerhouse in the global shipping industry, and bp, a leading energy company, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to establish a strategic partnership in Shanghai. This collaboration marks a pivotal move to enhance their already strong relationship, focusing on innovative solutions in the maritime and energy sectors.

Expanding Collaboration for Future Growth

This strategic alliance will deepen the collaboration between COSCO SHIPPING and bp, focusing on:

  1. Marine Lubricants and Hydrocarbons Transportation: Improving the efficiency and expansion of services in transporting energy products and providing marine lubricants.
  2. Offshore Construction and Services: Leveraging their combined expertise in offshore equipment manufacturing services.
  3. Innovative Energy Ventures: Exploring new areas such as methanol supply for bunkering and the offshore wind supply chain.

Shared Vision for Sustainability and Innovation

The alliance is underpinned by both companies’ commitment to sustainability and innovation. It aims to set new benchmarks in maritime operations and energy solutions, contributing to global efforts for a more sustainable future.


COSCO SHIPPING is one of the world’s leading shipping companies, offering a wide range of services including container shipping, dry bulk shipping, and logistics solutions. It plays a crucial role in global maritime trade, connecting markets with its extensive fleet and innovative maritime services.

About bp

bp is a global energy business with wide-reaching operations that include oil, gas, renewables, and low-carbon energy solutions. Committed to advancing the energy transition, bp is at the forefront of developing sustainable energy practices for the future.

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Four New Purus Gas Carriers to Operate with Wärtsilä Cargo Handling Systems

Wärtsilä, a Finnish maritime technology group, is set to supply Cargo Handling Systems (CHS) for four new medium gas carrier vessels, which are expected to predominantly carry ammonia. These vessels, boasting a capacity of 45,000 m³ each, are currently being constructed at the Hyundai Mipo Dockyard (HMD) for Purus, a company with bases in the UK and Singapore.

Innovative Technology for Enhanced Operations

The inclusion of Wärtsilä’s CHS in these vessels is a testament to the company’s leadership in developing advanced solutions for gas cargo handling. This technology is pivotal for enhancing the safety, reliability, and efficiency of operations on these carriers.

Strengthening Industry Partnerships

Patrick Ha, Sales Manager for Cargo Handling Systems at Wärtsilä Gas Solutions, highlighted the significance of this project. He noted that the order strengthens Wärtsilä’s position in the medium gas carrier market in Korea and expressed satisfaction in continuing their robust relationship with HMD. Adding Purus to Wärtsilä’s list of references marks an important milestone for the company.

This collaboration between Wärtsilä and HMD is a continuation of their successful partnership, having worked together on several newbuild projects. The new vessels are expected to commence commercial operations in the latter half of 2025, with Wärtsilä’s equipment scheduled for delivery to the yard in the third quarter of 2024.

About Wärtsilä

Wärtsilä Gas Solutions is renowned for its innovative systems and lifecycle solutions for the gas value chain, focusing on gas handling in seaborne transport, gas to power, and liquefaction. They are a global leader in smart technologies and complete lifecycle solutions for the marine and energy markets.

About Purus

Purus Marine operates in the gas transport and offshore wind industries, owning a large fleet of gas carriers and vessels. They are a world leader in providing global energy customers with maritime services, at the forefront of decarbonising the maritime sector.

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Fincantieri Expands Offshore Engineering Reach with Strategic Acquisition of Remazel Engineering

Fincantieri, the esteemed Italian shipbuilding group, has announced a pivotal acquisition of Remazel Engineering, marking a significant expansion into the offshore engineering sector. This move aligns with the industry trend of diversifying portfolios to embrace emerging opportunities in offshore technology.

Acquisition Overview

  • Strategic Acquisition: Fincantieri has confirmed the acquisition of Remazel Engineering, a leader in offshore engineering. This step is aimed at bolstering Fincantieri’s presence in the offshore sector and follows a trend among shipbuilders to explore new growth avenues amidst varying shipbuilding market conditions​​.
  • Deal Particulars: The terms of the acquisition, set to be finalised by the end of the year, involve acquiring 100 percent of Remazel Engineering’s shares for a purchase price based on a €78 million enterprise value. The transaction is anticipated to close in the first quarter of 2024, subject to customary adjustments​​​​.

Company Profiles

  • Fincantieri’s Vision: With this acquisition, Fincantieri aims to escalate its growth in technological, engineering, and construction expertise within the offshore and subsea sectors. It reflects the company’s strategy to consolidate its position as a key player in complex system integration and a partner across the lifecycle of naval vessels and their equipment​​​​.
  • Remazel Engineering’s Expertise: Based in Chiuduno, Italy, and with operations across Trieste, China, and Brazil, Remazel Engineering specialises in the design and supply of advanced topside equipment. The company has carved a niche in designing and supplying systems for handling, lifting, and anchoring, as well as launch and recovery solutions for underwater vessels, particularly in the energy transition segment of offshore operations. With over 160 skilled employees, Remazel recorded revenues exceeding €100 million in 2022​​​​.

Implications for the Industry

  • Diversification and Growth: This acquisition aligns with Fincantieri’s strategy to diversify and strengthen its capabilities, ensuring a stable position in the fluctuating global shipbuilding market. The integration of Remazel’s expertise signifies Fincantieri’s commitment to innovation and growth in the offshore and subsea sectors​​​​.
  • Enhancing Global Operations: The addition of Remazel to Fincantieri’s portfolio extends its global reach and reinforces its role in fast-growing sectors such as underwater operations and offshore wind. This strategic move positions Fincantieri to cover high value-added activities within the maritime value chain, particularly in areas critical to energy transition​​​​.

Fincantieri’s acquisition of Remazel Engineering represents a strategic expansion into the offshore engineering domain, strengthening its role as a global leader in shipbuilding and maritime technology. By leveraging Remazel’s specialised capabilities and global presence, Fincantieri is poised to navigate the evolving dynamics of the maritime industry successfully.

About Fincantieri
Fincantieri is a global powerhouse in shipbuilding, known for its advanced maritime solutions and innovation in ship design and construction.

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Hapag-Lloyd Expands Its Global IT Footprint with New Technology Center in Chennai

Hapag-Lloyd, a leader in liner shipping, has inaugurated its new technology centre in Chennai, India, marking a significant expansion of its IT capabilities. Located at the World Trade Centre, the Chennai centre began operations on November 22 with a team of 180 IT professionals, focusing on developing innovative software solutions for the maritime industry.

Scaling Up Operations in Chennai
In line with its global IT strategy, Hapag-Lloyd plans to significantly increase the workforce at the Chennai technology centre. Donya-Florence Amer, Chief Information and Human Resources Officer at Hapag-Lloyd, announced the company’s intention to grow the team to between 300 and 400 specialists in the medium term. This expansion underscores the company’s commitment to advancing its software solutions and IT presence in the maritime sector.

Strategic Location and Collaboration
Chennai joins Gdansk and Hamburg as the third major IT technology center for Hapag-Lloyd. The establishment of the Chennai center is the result of a joint venture between Hapag-Lloyd and Solverminds, an IT firm with which Hapag-Lloyd has closely collaborated since 2017 in IT operations support and software development.

Leadership and Vision
The technology center in Chennai is led by a four-person management team that blends expertise from both Solverminds and Hapag-Lloyd. The team includes CEO Balamurugan Palanivelu and CTO Venkatesh Balaji Ramamoorthy from Solverminds, along with CHRO Vaishali Shetty and CFO Sameer Saxena from Hapag-Lloyd. This diverse leadership is set to drive the centre’s vision of innovation and operational excellence.

Hapag-Lloyd’s opening of its technology centre in Chennai is a testament to the company’s dedication to enhancing its digital capabilities and providing industry-leading solutions. The expansion of its global IT presence in Chennai positions Hapag-Lloyd as a key player in the digital transformation of the maritime industry.

About Hapag-Lloyd
Hapag-Lloyd is a global leader in liner shipping, renowned for its innovative approach and commitment to providing effective solutions in the maritime industry.

About Solverminds
Solverminds is an IT firm specialising in software development and IT operations support, collaborating closely with maritime industry leaders like Hapag-Lloyd.

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Targray Joins Green Marine to Champion Decarbonisation in Maritime Shipping

Targray, a prominent supplier of renewable fuels and supply chain solutions, has announced its new partnership with Green Marine, a leading environmental certification program for the maritime industries in North America and Europe. This partnership underscores Targray’s dedication to reducing the maritime sector’s carbon footprint and advancing the transition to low-carbon fuels.

Pioneering Sustainable Maritime Solutions
Targray’s engagement with Green Marine solidifies its commitment to decarbonising maritime shipping, a sector with substantial fuel consumption exceeding 330 million metric tons annually. This strategic move aligns with the global imperative to transition towards more sustainable energy sources.

Addressing the Maritime Industry’s Environmental Challenges
The maritime industry faces increasing pressure to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. Targray’s Green Marine membership is a testament to the company’s efforts to leverage its global influence and expertise in significantly reducing these emissions.

Leading the Shift to Low-Carbon Maritime Operations
Andrew Richardson, President of Targray, emphasises the crucial role of maritime shipping in global trade and the necessity of its transition to low-carbon fuels for a sustainable future. Targray’s international presence positions it as a key player in supporting bunker fuel suppliers and customers in their journey towards sustainability and decarbonisation.

Green Marine’s Expanding Influence
Established as a nonprofit certification program, Green Marine has expanded its reach beyond North America to Europe in 2020. Its mission transcends regulatory compliance, focusing on real environmental improvement in the maritime industry. It actively engages various maritime stakeholders, including shipowners, ports, terminals, and shipyards, in its quest for continuous improvement.

Targray’s Longstanding Commitment to Sustainability
With a history of partnerships in over 50 countries since 1987, Targray is dedicated to creating sustainable value across the supply chain and reducing the global carbon footprint. The company is committed to delivering solutions that foster safer and more reliable products for consumers worldwide.

Targray’s partnership with Green Marine marks a significant step in fostering positive transformation within the maritime industry. By promoting sustainable marine fuels and supply chain solutions, Targray is at the forefront of driving environmental stewardship in maritime operations.

About Targray
Targray is a global leader in the supply of renewable fuels, feedstock, and supply-chain solutions, committed to advancing sustainable energy practices and reducing carbon emissions in the maritime industry.

About Green Marine
Green Marine is a leading environmental certification program, fostering environmental improvements in the maritime industry in North America and Europe through stakeholder engagement and continuous improvement strategies.

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