Norway Strengthens Maritime Cybersecurity with NORMA Cyber Collaboration

In a strategic move to fortify its maritime sector, Norway has enlisted the expertise of the Norwegian Maritime Cyber Resilience Centre (NORMA Cyber) to lead its cybersecurity initiatives. This partnership underscores Norway’s commitment to safeguarding its maritime industry against the escalating spectrum of cyber threats.

A Unified Front Against Cyber Threats

NORMA Cyber’s collaboration with Norwegian authorities is set to enhance the maritime industry’s defence mechanisms by facilitating the production and distribution of critical cybersecurity warnings, sharing vital information, and analysing cyber-related incidents. This initiative is spearheaded by the Norwegian Coastal Administration (NCA), in conjunction with the Norwegian Maritime Authority, both of which serve as authoritative bodies on maritime security and preparedness.

Expanding Cyber Resilience Capabilities

With this new mandate, NORMA Cyber’s role extends beyond advisory services; the organisation will now actively participate in cyber crisis management, contribute to comprehensive reports, and collaborate closely with the NCA within the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). This expanded scope is anticipated to provide NORMA Cyber with deeper insights into cybersecurity trends and enable more effective dissemination of maritime cyber intelligence.

A Testament to Collaborative Effort

The decision to designate NORMA Cyber as a key player in maritime cybersecurity has been met with positive reception from industry leaders. Svein Ringbakken, CEO of The Norwegian Shipowners’ Mutual War Risks Insurance Association (DNK) and chairman of the board at NORMA Cyber, expressed satisfaction with the authorities’ choice, highlighting the potential for enhanced security measures that benefit both the industry and society at large.

About NORMA Cyber

NORMA Cyber, the Norwegian Maritime Cyber Resilience Centre, stands at the forefront of cybersecurity efforts within Norway’s maritime sector. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and comprehensive industry knowledge, NORMA Cyber aims to protect maritime operations from cyber threats, ensuring the safety and efficiency of Norway’s maritime activities.

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IEC Telecom Introduces OptiShield to Enhance Maritime Cybersecurity

IEC Telecom, a leading international satellite service operator, has launched OptiShield, an advanced cybersecurity solution designed specifically for the maritime industry. This comprehensive system combines sophisticated cybersecurity software with a dedicated remote IT team, ensuring state-of-the-art protection for onboard networks.

Navigating Digital Seas with Enhanced Security
OptiShield addresses the critical need for robust cybersecurity in the maritime sector, where heightened cyber awareness is paramount. Jalloul Ben Soussia, VP of Technology at IEC Telecom Group, underscores the importance of having a qualified team managing software to optimize vessel protection. This approach is vital as not every vessel can afford an onboard IT specialist.

Rising Cyber Threats in Maritime Industry
The maritime sector has seen a steady increase in cyber attacks, including global port hacks and a surge in ransomware payments. The average cost of unlocking computer systems in the maritime sector has reached $3.2 million. OptiShield is designed to counter these growing threats, ensuring vessels are safeguarded against cyber risks.

Customised Cybersecurity for Vessel Operations
OptiShield’s key features include advanced threat protection, secure remote access, anti-exploit protection, ransomware protection, dashboard visibility, and a 24/7 cyber response team. These components work together to provide comprehensive cybersecurity, tailored to the unique needs of each vessel and its operations.

Compliance with International Maritime Organisation Regulations
With cybersecurity becoming a necessity rather than an option for vessels, OptiShield helps in complying with the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) policies that came into effect in January 2021. The system ensures that vessels are not only protected but also meet the required cybersecurity standards.

IEC Telecom’s introduction of OptiShield marks a significant advancement in maritime cybersecurity. This solution prioritises vessel safety, efficiency, and cybersecurity in an increasingly connected maritime world, making it an essential tool for modern maritime operations.

About IEC Telecom
IEC Telecom is a renowned satellite service operator, providing comprehensive solutions that prioritise vessel safety, efficiency, and cybersecurity in the maritime industry.

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Marlink Advances Maritime Cybersecurity with CyberGuard UTM Solution

Marlink, a leading smart digital solutions company, has enhanced its cybersecurity portfolio with the addition of CyberGuard Unified Threat Management (CyberGuard UTM). This solution represents a significant stride in securing the digital transformation strategies of Marlink’s customers in the maritime industry.

Addressing Growing Cybersecurity Challenges
The maritime industry is experiencing an increase in cyber threats, necessitating robust protection for people and assets. CyberGuard UTM caters to these needs, particularly considering the rise of new LEO and 4G/5G services that offer greater bandwidth and lower latency, but also require enhanced onboard network security.

Comprehensive Security Features
CyberGuard UTM includes advanced features such as application control, web filtering, intrusion protection, and antivirus, with optional customised routing for network segregation and intra-LAN. Marlink offers this solution under a ‘Firewall as a Service’ model, ensuring both remote and central infrastructure protection.

Technological Foundation and Integration
The solution is built on the technology platform provided by Fortinet, deploying advanced firewall settings for network segregation and system redundancy. This leverages the virtualisation capability of Marlink’s ‘smart edge’ XChange application and Fortinet’s Unified Threat Protection software package, enhancing the overall security framework.

Enhancing Marlink’s Cybersecurity Portfolio
CyberGuard UTM is the latest addition to Marlink’s existing cybersecurity portfolio, which includes CyberGuard modules for Threat Detection and Endpoint Security, a Security Operations Centre (SOC), and Remediation and Response services. The CyberGuard portal also allows customers to visualise threats and apply remote remediation, enhancing their ability to respond to cyber threats effectively.

About Marlink
Marlink is a global leader in providing smart digital solutions, offering a range of services and technologies that connect people and assets in various industries, including maritime.

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