IEC Telecom, a leading international satellite service operator, has launched OptiShield, an advanced cybersecurity solution designed specifically for the maritime industry. This comprehensive system combines sophisticated cybersecurity software with a dedicated remote IT team, ensuring state-of-the-art protection for onboard networks.

Navigating Digital Seas with Enhanced Security
OptiShield addresses the critical need for robust cybersecurity in the maritime sector, where heightened cyber awareness is paramount. Jalloul Ben Soussia, VP of Technology at IEC Telecom Group, underscores the importance of having a qualified team managing software to optimize vessel protection. This approach is vital as not every vessel can afford an onboard IT specialist.

Rising Cyber Threats in Maritime Industry
The maritime sector has seen a steady increase in cyber attacks, including global port hacks and a surge in ransomware payments. The average cost of unlocking computer systems in the maritime sector has reached $3.2 million. OptiShield is designed to counter these growing threats, ensuring vessels are safeguarded against cyber risks.

Customised Cybersecurity for Vessel Operations
OptiShield’s key features include advanced threat protection, secure remote access, anti-exploit protection, ransomware protection, dashboard visibility, and a 24/7 cyber response team. These components work together to provide comprehensive cybersecurity, tailored to the unique needs of each vessel and its operations.

Compliance with International Maritime Organisation Regulations
With cybersecurity becoming a necessity rather than an option for vessels, OptiShield helps in complying with the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) policies that came into effect in January 2021. The system ensures that vessels are not only protected but also meet the required cybersecurity standards.

IEC Telecom’s introduction of OptiShield marks a significant advancement in maritime cybersecurity. This solution prioritises vessel safety, efficiency, and cybersecurity in an increasingly connected maritime world, making it an essential tool for modern maritime operations.

About IEC Telecom
IEC Telecom is a renowned satellite service operator, providing comprehensive solutions that prioritise vessel safety, efficiency, and cybersecurity in the maritime industry.

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