Seanergy and United Maritime Elevate Maritime Communications with Starlink Implementation

In an ambitious leap forward for maritime communications, Seanergy and United Maritime have teamed up with Navarino to integrate Starlink technology into their fleets. This partnership is a pivotal part of their strategy to enhance onboard connectivity and operational efficiency, marking a significant milestone in the maritime sector’s ongoing digital transformation.

Enhancing Connectivity at Sea

The integration of Starlink’s satellite internet services, facilitated by Navarino, aims to revolutionise the way maritime operations communicate. By providing high-speed, stable internet access, the initiative ensures that vessels are better equipped to handle modern communication and operational demands, improving both crew welfare and operational capabilities.

Collaborative Efforts for a Connected Fleet

The collaboration was initiated under the guidance of Stavros Vafeiadis, IT Manager at Seanergy, who highlighted the critical need for reliable and fast connectivity in maritime operations. Navarino, known for its innovative solutions in maritime communications, was the preferred partner due to its proven track record and supportive approach in implementing complex technological solutions.

A Model for Future Innovation

This project not only sets a new standard for maritime communications but also serves as a blueprint for other companies in the industry. The successful implementation of Starlink by Seanergy and United Maritime could encourage more maritime enterprises to explore advanced satellite internet technologies to enhance their operations.

About Seanergy and United Maritime

Seanergy and United Maritime operate a diverse fleet of 28 bulk carriers, standing out in the maritime industry for their forward-thinking approach to technology and crew welfare. Their commitment to innovation continues to drive their leadership in the sector.

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Singtel Enhances Maritime Connectivity with Starlink Integration

Singtel, a leading Singaporean telecommunications conglomerate, has announced a significant enhancement to its maritime digital offerings through a partnership with Starlink. This collaboration is set to revolutionise the maritime industry by leveraging advanced technologies to improve operational safety, efficiency, and crew well-being.

Integration of Starlink’s Advanced Satellite Technology

Boosting Digital Solutions: Singtel plans to integrate Starlink’s low Earth orbit (LEO) broadband service into its maritime digital solutions, particularly into its iSHIP platform. This platform includes Paragon, a cutting-edge system for 5G edge computing and cloud services​​​​.

Enhanced Connectivity and Efficiency: The partnership with Starlink will provide ship operators with enhanced connectivity and low-latency capabilities, enabling real-time data analysis. This technological advancement is expected to lead to increased productivity, reduced fuel consumption costs, and improved operational maintenance​​​​.

Singtel’s Multi-Orbit Strategy for Maritime Services

Global Coverage and Resilience: Singtel, renowned for its multi-band satellite network, including both LEO and geostationary orbit (GEO) offerings, ensures continuous connectivity even in demanding maritime conditions. Starlink’s constellation of over 5,000 satellites can provide comprehensive maritime coverage with download speeds of up to 200 Mbps, accommodating vessels of all sizes​​.

Paragon Platform for Seamless Connectivity: Singtel’s Paragon platform is designed to manage and automate the switching between different satellite communication services, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity for ships. This system allows vessels to leverage edge computing and host mission-critical applications either onboard or ashore​​.

Commitment to Industry Innovation and Growth

CEO’s Vision for Digital Adoption: Singtel Digital InfraCo CEO Bill Chang expressed that adding Starlink to Singtel’s suite of satellite communications solutions aligns with their multi-orbit strategy. This strategy aims to enhance the resilience of satellite connectivity in the maritime industry and encourage the rapid adoption of digital technologies​​.

The integration of Starlink into Singtel’s maritime portfolio marks a pivotal development in maritime digitalisation. It signifies Singtel’s commitment to driving industry innovation and growth by providing ship owners and operators with superior connectivity solutions and technological capabilities.

About Singtel
Singtel is a global leader in telecommunication services, committed to bringing cutting-edge digital solutions to various industries, including maritime operations.

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Carnival Corporation Enhances Onboard Connectivity with Neuron Partnership

Carnival Corporation, a global leader in leisure travel, has recently announced a significant partnership with Neuron, an innovative connectivity management platform. This collaboration is set to transform the onboard internet experience for both passengers and crew across Carnival’s extensive fleet, utilising cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

Revolutionising Onboard Connectivity with AI

This strategic alliance is a major component of Carnival’s mission to provide the best possible connection at sea. The use of Neuron’s AI-powered platform allows Carnival to ensure reliable and high-quality internet service in even the most remote destinations. Neuron 360, a business intelligence solution, and Neuron Grid, an advanced connectivity management system, are key elements of this initiative. They provide an end-to-end view of connectivity operations, enabling proactive management and AI-powered traffic routing. This move not only boosts internet reliability but also expands Carnival’s range of connectivity services, ensuring superior coverage and performance.

Enhancing Guest Experiences and Operational Efficiency

The deployment of Neuron’s technologies marks a transformative step in improving the guest experience on Carnival’s cruise ships. The integration of technologies like AI, 5G, and satellite connectivity will enhance various aspects of the cruising experience, from seamless streaming to uninterrupted virtual meetings. Moreover, Carnival’s commitment to sustainability is reflected in their plans to introduce greener solutions, such as biodiesel-based and electric trucks, and to explore green fuel infrastructure for their future green vessel fleet.

Comments from Key Figures

Paul Marsh, Director of Global Connectivity and Destination Technology for Carnival Corporation, stated, “We want to continue providing the best available connection at sea and our partnership with Neuron allows us to have full visibility and control over our connectivity. By investing in new and emerging technologies, we can push the boundaries of connectivity innovation with a fresh approach that will accelerate the future of connected cruising and transform the guest experience.”

Benny Retnamony, Founder & CEO of Neuron, added, “For things that move, like cruise ships, seamless connectivity is a uniquely tough challenge to solve. In partnership with Neuron, Carnival Corporation has demonstrated that with the right data and technologies at their fingertips, they can drive more flexible and agile connectivity operations – and as a result, make connectivity experiences even better for their guests and crew, at all times, in all places.”

About Neuron

Neuron, formerly known as ESpace Networks, is a pioneering connectivity management platform for entities in motion, such as ships, planes, and trains. It utilises real-time data and AI to provide unparalleled control over connectivity, driving high-quality digital experiences wherever they are. Learn more at Neuron.

About Carnival Corporation & plc

Carnival Corporation & plc, the largest global cruise company, features a portfolio of world-class cruise lines including AIDA Cruises, Carnival Cruise Line, Costa Cruises, Cunard, Holland America Line, P&O Cruises (Australia), P&O Cruises (UK), Princess Cruises, and Seabourn. For more information, visit Carnival Corporation.

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IEC Telecom Introduces OptiShield to Enhance Maritime Cybersecurity

IEC Telecom, a leading international satellite service operator, has launched OptiShield, an advanced cybersecurity solution designed specifically for the maritime industry. This comprehensive system combines sophisticated cybersecurity software with a dedicated remote IT team, ensuring state-of-the-art protection for onboard networks.

Navigating Digital Seas with Enhanced Security
OptiShield addresses the critical need for robust cybersecurity in the maritime sector, where heightened cyber awareness is paramount. Jalloul Ben Soussia, VP of Technology at IEC Telecom Group, underscores the importance of having a qualified team managing software to optimize vessel protection. This approach is vital as not every vessel can afford an onboard IT specialist.

Rising Cyber Threats in Maritime Industry
The maritime sector has seen a steady increase in cyber attacks, including global port hacks and a surge in ransomware payments. The average cost of unlocking computer systems in the maritime sector has reached $3.2 million. OptiShield is designed to counter these growing threats, ensuring vessels are safeguarded against cyber risks.

Customised Cybersecurity for Vessel Operations
OptiShield’s key features include advanced threat protection, secure remote access, anti-exploit protection, ransomware protection, dashboard visibility, and a 24/7 cyber response team. These components work together to provide comprehensive cybersecurity, tailored to the unique needs of each vessel and its operations.

Compliance with International Maritime Organisation Regulations
With cybersecurity becoming a necessity rather than an option for vessels, OptiShield helps in complying with the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) policies that came into effect in January 2021. The system ensures that vessels are not only protected but also meet the required cybersecurity standards.

IEC Telecom’s introduction of OptiShield marks a significant advancement in maritime cybersecurity. This solution prioritises vessel safety, efficiency, and cybersecurity in an increasingly connected maritime world, making it an essential tool for modern maritime operations.

About IEC Telecom
IEC Telecom is a renowned satellite service operator, providing comprehensive solutions that prioritise vessel safety, efficiency, and cybersecurity in the maritime industry.

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Beks Shipmanagement & Trading Innovates with Starlink Connectivity

Turkey-based Beks Shipmanagement & Trading has embarked on a forward-thinking project to revolutionise communications across its fleet. In a significant technological upgrade, the company is deploying Elon Musk’s Starlink connectivity system on its 40 bulkers and tankers, marking a pivotal moment in maritime communications.

Unprecedented Connectivity at Sea

The Starlink system, supplied and installed by maritime satcom service provider Navarino, is set to transform how Beks Shipmanagement & Trading conducts its business communications. More than just enhancing operational efficiency, this project is a leap towards improving the quality of life for the crew members onboard by providing them with high-speed internet access.

A Partnership Driving Maritime Digital Transformation

Navarino, a key player in maritime satellite communications, is playing a critical role in this project. Dimitrios Chatzitzanos, Navarino’s Managing Director for Germany, emphasises the transformative potential of Starlink in maritime operations. “With Starlink onboard, ship operations will not only be enhanced but also align with connectivity speeds onshore. This is a game-changer in keeping seafarers connected with their families and improving their morale,” he says.

Expanding Horisons in Maritime Communication

The integration of Starlink is not just about faster internet; it’s about changing the dynamics of maritime communication. Navarino’s involvement has been pivotal in numerous Starlink deals since its maritime launch last year, with companies like Costamare, Atlantic Bulk, Grace Management, Danaos Shipping, and Blue Planet joining the ranks of those upgrading their communication capabilities.

The Impact of High-Speed, Low-Latency Connectivity

Beks Shipmanagement & Trading’s decision to integrate Starlink across its fleet underscores the growing necessity for reliable and fast internet at sea. This step not only enhances business communication but also offers a substantial boost to crew welfare, allowing for consistent and speedy contact with the outside world.


The partnership between Beks Shipmanagement & Trading and Navarino in deploying Starlink technology heralds a new era in maritime digital connectivity. As this technology becomes increasingly prevalent, it sets a new benchmark in maritime communications, promising enhanced operational capabilities and a significant improvement in the quality of life for those at sea.

About Beks Shipmanagement & Trading

Beks Shipmanagement & Trading, headquartered in Turkey, specialises in managing a diverse fleet of bulkers and tankers. The company is renowned for its innovative approach to maritime operations and crew welfare.

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