Turkey-based Beks Shipmanagement & Trading has embarked on a forward-thinking project to revolutionise communications across its fleet. In a significant technological upgrade, the company is deploying Elon Musk’s Starlink connectivity system on its 40 bulkers and tankers, marking a pivotal moment in maritime communications.

Unprecedented Connectivity at Sea

The Starlink system, supplied and installed by maritime satcom service provider Navarino, is set to transform how Beks Shipmanagement & Trading conducts its business communications. More than just enhancing operational efficiency, this project is a leap towards improving the quality of life for the crew members onboard by providing them with high-speed internet access.

A Partnership Driving Maritime Digital Transformation

Navarino, a key player in maritime satellite communications, is playing a critical role in this project. Dimitrios Chatzitzanos, Navarino’s Managing Director for Germany, emphasises the transformative potential of Starlink in maritime operations. “With Starlink onboard, ship operations will not only be enhanced but also align with connectivity speeds onshore. This is a game-changer in keeping seafarers connected with their families and improving their morale,” he says.

Expanding Horisons in Maritime Communication

The integration of Starlink is not just about faster internet; it’s about changing the dynamics of maritime communication. Navarino’s involvement has been pivotal in numerous Starlink deals since its maritime launch last year, with companies like Costamare, Atlantic Bulk, Grace Management, Danaos Shipping, and Blue Planet joining the ranks of those upgrading their communication capabilities.

The Impact of High-Speed, Low-Latency Connectivity

Beks Shipmanagement & Trading’s decision to integrate Starlink across its fleet underscores the growing necessity for reliable and fast internet at sea. This step not only enhances business communication but also offers a substantial boost to crew welfare, allowing for consistent and speedy contact with the outside world.


The partnership between Beks Shipmanagement & Trading and Navarino in deploying Starlink technology heralds a new era in maritime digital connectivity. As this technology becomes increasingly prevalent, it sets a new benchmark in maritime communications, promising enhanced operational capabilities and a significant improvement in the quality of life for those at sea.

About Beks Shipmanagement & Trading

Beks Shipmanagement & Trading, headquartered in Turkey, specialises in managing a diverse fleet of bulkers and tankers. The company is renowned for its innovative approach to maritime operations and crew welfare.

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