Singtel, a leading Singaporean telecommunications conglomerate, has announced a significant enhancement to its maritime digital offerings through a partnership with Starlink. This collaboration is set to revolutionise the maritime industry by leveraging advanced technologies to improve operational safety, efficiency, and crew well-being.

Integration of Starlink’s Advanced Satellite Technology

Boosting Digital Solutions: Singtel plans to integrate Starlink’s low Earth orbit (LEO) broadband service into its maritime digital solutions, particularly into its iSHIP platform. This platform includes Paragon, a cutting-edge system for 5G edge computing and cloud services​​​​.

Enhanced Connectivity and Efficiency: The partnership with Starlink will provide ship operators with enhanced connectivity and low-latency capabilities, enabling real-time data analysis. This technological advancement is expected to lead to increased productivity, reduced fuel consumption costs, and improved operational maintenance​​​​.

Singtel’s Multi-Orbit Strategy for Maritime Services

Global Coverage and Resilience: Singtel, renowned for its multi-band satellite network, including both LEO and geostationary orbit (GEO) offerings, ensures continuous connectivity even in demanding maritime conditions. Starlink’s constellation of over 5,000 satellites can provide comprehensive maritime coverage with download speeds of up to 200 Mbps, accommodating vessels of all sizes​​.

Paragon Platform for Seamless Connectivity: Singtel’s Paragon platform is designed to manage and automate the switching between different satellite communication services, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity for ships. This system allows vessels to leverage edge computing and host mission-critical applications either onboard or ashore​​.

Commitment to Industry Innovation and Growth

CEO’s Vision for Digital Adoption: Singtel Digital InfraCo CEO Bill Chang expressed that adding Starlink to Singtel’s suite of satellite communications solutions aligns with their multi-orbit strategy. This strategy aims to enhance the resilience of satellite connectivity in the maritime industry and encourage the rapid adoption of digital technologies​​.

The integration of Starlink into Singtel’s maritime portfolio marks a pivotal development in maritime digitalisation. It signifies Singtel’s commitment to driving industry innovation and growth by providing ship owners and operators with superior connectivity solutions and technological capabilities.

About Singtel
Singtel is a global leader in telecommunication services, committed to bringing cutting-edge digital solutions to various industries, including maritime operations.

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