Seanergy and United Maritime Elevate Maritime Communications with Starlink Implementation

In an ambitious leap forward for maritime communications, Seanergy and United Maritime have teamed up with Navarino to integrate Starlink technology into their fleets. This partnership is a pivotal part of their strategy to enhance onboard connectivity and operational efficiency, marking a significant milestone in the maritime sector’s ongoing digital transformation.

Enhancing Connectivity at Sea

The integration of Starlink’s satellite internet services, facilitated by Navarino, aims to revolutionise the way maritime operations communicate. By providing high-speed, stable internet access, the initiative ensures that vessels are better equipped to handle modern communication and operational demands, improving both crew welfare and operational capabilities.

Collaborative Efforts for a Connected Fleet

The collaboration was initiated under the guidance of Stavros Vafeiadis, IT Manager at Seanergy, who highlighted the critical need for reliable and fast connectivity in maritime operations. Navarino, known for its innovative solutions in maritime communications, was the preferred partner due to its proven track record and supportive approach in implementing complex technological solutions.

A Model for Future Innovation

This project not only sets a new standard for maritime communications but also serves as a blueprint for other companies in the industry. The successful implementation of Starlink by Seanergy and United Maritime could encourage more maritime enterprises to explore advanced satellite internet technologies to enhance their operations.

About Seanergy and United Maritime

Seanergy and United Maritime operate a diverse fleet of 28 bulk carriers, standing out in the maritime industry for their forward-thinking approach to technology and crew welfare. Their commitment to innovation continues to drive their leadership in the sector.

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ABS Endorses Light Structures’ SENSFIB Hull Stress Monitoring System with SMART PDA

In a significant advancement for maritime safety and digitalisation, the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) has awarded the SMART Product Design Assessment (PDA) to Light Structures’ SENSFIB Hull Stress Monitoring System. This recognition marks a pivotal moment in the industry, highlighting the system’s exceptional capabilities in enhancing structural health monitoring and prediction through its innovative fibre optic sensor-based approach.

Innovative Approach to Structural Health Monitoring

The SENSFIB system, distinguished by its Tier 3 Smart Structural Health Monitoring classification, utilises cutting-edge fibre optic technology to provide real-time, high-fidelity data on hull stresses. This data, derived from a network of fiber optic strain sensors and accelerometers, offers invaluable insights into the impacts of cargo loading, environmental conditions, and the passage of time on vessel integrity.

Enhanced Safety and Operational Efficiency

Vessels equipped with the SENSFIB system can now achieve the ABS Class notation SMART(SHM) Tier 3, signifying a global standard in hull and fatigue monitoring. This classification not only underscores the system’s reliability but also its contribution to safer maritime operations and condition-based maintenance strategies.

A Testament to Collaboration and Innovation

The certification was formally presented to Niklas Hallgren, CEO of Light Structures, at the ABS headquarters in Houston, symbolising a collaborative effort towards advancing maritime safety. Patrick Ryan, ABS Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, praised the certification as a testament to Light Structures’ commitment to structural health and the growing importance of SMART systems in the industry.

About ABS

ABS stands as a global leader in classification and technical advisory services for the marine and offshore industries, dedicated to promoting safety, design excellence, and the practical application of advanced technologies.

About Light Structures AS

Founded in 2001, Light Structures AS has emerged as the premier provider of fibre optic stress and fatigue monitoring systems, leveraging Fibre Bragg Grating technology to deliver bespoke solutions for maritime asset design, safety, and operations.

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AD Ports Group Embarks on a Strategic Expansion with Karachi Port East Wharf Takeover

AD Ports Group, a global powerhouse in trade, logistics, and industry, has recently inked a 25-year concession agreement with Karachi Port Trust (KPT) to spearhead bulk and general cargo operations at Karachi Port’s East Wharf. This landmark deal marks a significant expansion of AD Ports Group’s operational footprint and underscores its commitment to enhancing global trade dynamics.

A Joint Venture for Growth and Efficiency

The agreement facilitates the formation of Karachi Gateway Terminal Multipurpose Limited (KGTML), a joint venture between AD Ports Group and Kaheel Terminals. KGTML is set to develop, manage, and operate berths 11-17 at the East Wharf, promising to revolutionise the port’s capabilities in handling general cargo and bulk operations, including steel, paper, clinker, grains, and fertilisers.

Investment and Innovation

With an initial investment of $75 million earmarked for the first two years, covering upfront fees, prepayments, and infrastructural enhancements, KGTML aims to significantly boost the terminal’s efficiency and capacity. An additional investment of $100 million is projected within five years to further elevate the terminal’s operational standards, with an anticipated increase in capacity by 75%.

Strategic Control and Enhanced Operations

This new concession complements a previous agreement that granted AD Ports Group control over container operations at Karachi Port’s East Wharf, effectively consolidating its influence over the strategic maritime hub. The integration of these operations is expected to streamline processes, enhance safety and security measures, and significantly increase cargo handling capacity, with projections indicating a capacity to manage up to 14 million tonnes per annum post-investment.

A Vision for the Future

Under the leadership of Capt. Mohamed Juma Al Shamisi, AD Ports Group aspires to transform Karachi Port into a dynamic global trade hub, equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and cutting-edge digital solutions. This vision aligns with the broader objectives of fostering economic diversification and establishing strategic partnerships that bolster regional and global trade networks.

About AD Ports Group

AD Ports Group stands at the forefront of facilitating trade, logistics, and industrial activities worldwide. With a rich heritage and a forward-looking approach, the group continues to expand its global presence, driving innovation and excellence in the maritime sector.

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ZeroNorth Expands Digital Horizons with Acquisition of Euronav’s FAST Platform

In a strategic move that underscores the accelerating pace of digital transformation in the maritime industry, Denmark-based technology firm ZeroNorth has announced its acquisition of the Fleet Automatic Statistics and Tracking (FAST) platform from Belgian shipping giant Euronav. This acquisition not only marks a significant expansion of ZeroNorth’s digital offerings but also heralds a new era of enhanced operational efficiency and sustainability in maritime logistics.

FAST: A Beacon of Digital Innovation

The FAST platform, renowned for its advanced high-frequency data collection capabilities, has been instrumental in optimising Euronav’s fleet operations. By facilitating real-time data acquisition from onboard sensors, FAST has enabled improved ship reporting, voyage optimization, and overall vessel performance. This integration of technology has led to notable reductions in fuel consumption and operational expenses, aligning with broader industry goals of sustainability and efficiency.

A Partnership for the Future

With this acquisition, Euronav transitions to a customer of ZeroNorth’s comprehensive platform, signaling a deepening of collaborative ties between the two entities. The integration of FAST’s capabilities with ZeroNorth’s platform is expected to yield significant advancements in data-driven maritime operations, offering a blueprint for the industry’s journey towards zero emissions.

Investing in a Sustainable Maritime Ecosystem

ZeroNorth’s Chief Growth Officer & EVP, Pelle Sommansson, emphasised the transformative potential of incorporating FAST into their platform, highlighting the pivotal role of high-frequency data in overcoming industry challenges. Euronav’s Operations Manager, Patrick Declerck, echoed this sentiment, underscoring the partnership’s alignment with Euronav’s sustainability ambitions and its impact on fostering a greener shipping industry.

About ZeroNorth

ZeroNorth is at the forefront of digital innovation in the maritime sector, dedicated to optimising vessel operations and promoting sustainability through cutting-edge technology solutions. With a focus on data-driven decision-making, ZeroNorth is helping shape the future of global trade and environmental stewardship in shipping.

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Singtel Enhances Maritime Connectivity with Starlink Integration

Singtel, a leading Singaporean telecommunications conglomerate, has announced a significant enhancement to its maritime digital offerings through a partnership with Starlink. This collaboration is set to revolutionise the maritime industry by leveraging advanced technologies to improve operational safety, efficiency, and crew well-being.

Integration of Starlink’s Advanced Satellite Technology

Boosting Digital Solutions: Singtel plans to integrate Starlink’s low Earth orbit (LEO) broadband service into its maritime digital solutions, particularly into its iSHIP platform. This platform includes Paragon, a cutting-edge system for 5G edge computing and cloud services​​​​.

Enhanced Connectivity and Efficiency: The partnership with Starlink will provide ship operators with enhanced connectivity and low-latency capabilities, enabling real-time data analysis. This technological advancement is expected to lead to increased productivity, reduced fuel consumption costs, and improved operational maintenance​​​​.

Singtel’s Multi-Orbit Strategy for Maritime Services

Global Coverage and Resilience: Singtel, renowned for its multi-band satellite network, including both LEO and geostationary orbit (GEO) offerings, ensures continuous connectivity even in demanding maritime conditions. Starlink’s constellation of over 5,000 satellites can provide comprehensive maritime coverage with download speeds of up to 200 Mbps, accommodating vessels of all sizes​​.

Paragon Platform for Seamless Connectivity: Singtel’s Paragon platform is designed to manage and automate the switching between different satellite communication services, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity for ships. This system allows vessels to leverage edge computing and host mission-critical applications either onboard or ashore​​.

Commitment to Industry Innovation and Growth

CEO’s Vision for Digital Adoption: Singtel Digital InfraCo CEO Bill Chang expressed that adding Starlink to Singtel’s suite of satellite communications solutions aligns with their multi-orbit strategy. This strategy aims to enhance the resilience of satellite connectivity in the maritime industry and encourage the rapid adoption of digital technologies​​.

The integration of Starlink into Singtel’s maritime portfolio marks a pivotal development in maritime digitalisation. It signifies Singtel’s commitment to driving industry innovation and growth by providing ship owners and operators with superior connectivity solutions and technological capabilities.

About Singtel
Singtel is a global leader in telecommunication services, committed to bringing cutting-edge digital solutions to various industries, including maritime operations.

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CSP Abu Dhabi Terminal Digitalises Berth Data Sharing

CSP Abu Dhabi Terminal (CSPADT), located in Khalifa Port and a joint venture between China’s COSCO SHIPPING Ports and Abu Dhabi Ports Group, has made a significant advancement in digitalising its operations. The terminal has agreed to implement the Portchain Connect system, an innovative move set to revolutionise the quality and speed of its berth alignment process through digital handshakes and data sharing with shipping lines.

Enhancing Efficiency with Advanced Software

Portchain Connect will allow CSPADT to receive real-time schedule and move count updates directly from carrier systems. This direct communication enables CSPADT to swiftly respond and counter-propose to align vessel schedules with the terminal’s berth plan. Additionally, Portchain Connect provides an overview of all vessel calls and supports the digital transfer of berthing information to relevant parties, aiming to eliminate issues associated with manual communication and improve schedule reliability.

Streamlined Operations and Improved Schedule Reliability

CSPADT’s adoption of Portchain Connect is a significant step toward optimising its berth alignment process. The platform’s ability to provide real-time updates and facilitate quick responses ensures better alignment of vessel schedules with the terminal’s operational plans. This improvement in data sharing and communication is expected to enhance overall efficiency and schedule reliability at the terminal.

Commitment to Continuous Improvement

Thor Thorup, CCO of Portchain, expressed excitement about working with CSP Abu Dhabi Terminal. He emphasised the importance of facilitating streamlined data exchange to drive efficiencies in the berth alignment process and the commitment to continuous improvement of the platform based on user feedback.

About CSP Abu Dhabi Terminal

CSP Abu Dhabi Terminal, inaugurated in December 2018, is the first overseas semi-automated greenfield container terminal of COSCO SHIPPING Ports. It represents a strategic partnership that strengthens the maritime connectivity between the UAE and China, contributing to the regional economy and trade.

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BASS and Procureship Forge Partnership to Enhance Maritime E-Procurement

BASS, a leading provider of fleet management software solutions, has entered into a strategic partnership with Procureship, a renowned e-procurement platform for the maritime industry. This collaboration aims to integrate their respective applications, bringing a new level of efficiency and optimisation to maritime procurement processes.

Integration of Advanced E-Procurement Technologies
The partnership will integrate BASSnet™ Fleet Management Systems with Procureship, creating a seamless e-procurement environment for users. BASSnet’s suite of integrated solutions covers technical, operational, financial, and safety management for vessel operators. With this collaboration, users can now execute procurement processes within BASSnet Procurement by linking directly to Procureship, enabling a more streamlined and efficient procurement cycle.

Procureship, known for its leading e-procurement platform, will contribute its real-time market analytics and reporting capabilities to BASSnet users. This feature will support more informed purchasing decisions, enhancing the overall efficiency of fleet management.

Optimisation and Cost Savings
The integration will leverage machine learning and automation technologies, allowing users to optimise the entire maritime procurement process. This advancement is expected to drive cost savings and provide access to a global marketplace of marine suppliers and service providers.

Digitalisation and Data-Driven Decision Making
Grigoris Lamprou, CEO of Procureship, emphasised the importance of digitalisation in streamlining the purchasing workflow and responding to the unique needs of each vessel. Through this partnership, ship owners and fleet managers will gain access to critical data necessary for day-to-day operations, thereby enhancing their capabilities.

Per Steinar Upsaker, CEO and Managing Director at BASS Software, highlighted the increasing demand among ship owners for complete control over purchasing workflow and logistics. The collaboration with Procureship is set to meet this demand by providing users with the advanced digital tools needed to optimise their fleet management capabilities.

This partnership between BASS and Procureship represents a significant step forward in the digitalisation of maritime fleet management. By combining the strengths of both companies, they aim to bring innovative and efficient e-procurement solutions to the maritime sector, enhancing operational efficiency and decision-making processes.

About BASS and Procureship
BASS Software is a global leader in providing ERP maritime solutions, while Procureship offers a leading e-procurement platform for marine buyers and suppliers, focusing on optimising fleet management capabilities.

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Marlink Enhances PONANT’s Le Commandant Charcot with Starlink and Eutelsat OneWeb for Superior Connectivity

Marlink, a leader in smart network and digital solutions, has achieved a maritime first by integrating Starlink and Eutelsat OneWeb LEO internet services on PONANT’s Le Commandant Charcot. This luxury icebreaker, unique in its class, is now equipped with the most advanced connectivity solutions for its polar itineraries.

A Ground-breaking Integration in Maritime Connectivity
This installation marks the first in the maritime sector to combine Marlink’s Sealink GEO VSAT with Starlink, Eutelsat OneWeb, and Iridium LEO services. This hybrid network is designed to offer PONANT the flexibility to select backbone VSAT for guaranteed data throughput while augmenting polar coverage with the high-speed, low-latency capabilities of Starlink and Eutelsat OneWeb. The integration of these services will enable higher speed connections for both guests and crew, enhancing the overall experience onboard.

Unparalleled Internet Access in Remote Locations
Le Commandant Charcot, a hybrid electric Polar exploration vessel, is the only luxury icebreaking cruise ship in the world. It offers voyages to some of the most remote and isolated regions of the polar world, including the geographic North Pole, the Weddell Sea, the Ross Sea, and Peter I Island. The enhanced connectivity ensures seamless collaboration between the ship’s crew and shore teams, as well as improved communication with friends and family.

Service Level Agreements for Optimal Performance
Operating under a Service Level Agreement (SLA) model, the initiative defines service levels by Committed Information Rate (CIR) and Maximum Information Rate (MIR). This approach ensures that the network is fully encrypted, employing a layered service strategy to guarantee complete privacy while segregating crew and operational traffic on the same terminal.

Expansion of Global Maritime Services
With Eutelsat OneWeb’s constellation of 634 satellites now fully operational, global maritime services, especially in remote and high-latitude areas, will be significantly enhanced. Eutelsat OneWeb offers connectivity services to the maritime sector through specialised partners like Marlink.

Commitment to Digitalisation and High-Quality Experience
Carole Plessy, VP of Europe and Maritime at Eutelsat OneWeb, emphasised the significance of this new generation of broadband services for maritime, powered by LEO satellites. This collaboration aims to support PONANT in its digitalisation efforts and provide guests with a high-quality internet experience. Tore Morten Olsen, President of Maritime at Marlink, highlighted the importance of integrating the latest technologies to improve the user experience onboard, supporting safer and more efficient sailing.

The integration of Starlink and Eutelsat OneWeb on Le Commandant Charcot by Marlink represents a significant leap in maritime connectivity, particularly for vessels operating in extreme and remote conditions. This development underscores the commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance maritime operations and passenger experience.

About Marlink
Marlink is a renowned provider of smart network solutions and digital services, specialising in enhancing connectivity for maritime operations across the globe.

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Shi.E.L.D. Services Embraces Digital Transformation with Spinergie’s Smart Fleet Management

Shi.E.L.D. Services has embarked on a digital transformation journey in bulk shipping by selecting Spinergie as its digitised solution provider. This partnership aims to optimise Shi.E.L.D. Services’ global bulk operations through innovative technologies.

Revolutionising Bulk Logistics with Digital Solutions
Spinergie’s Smart Fleet Management system stands out with its user-friendly interface and advanced algorithms. This system is designed to enhance operational performance in the bulk industry, offering efficient and reliable daily reporting capabilities and AI-powered data analysis for improved decision-making.

Enhancing Efficiency and Reducing Emissions
The system provides dynamic live operations tracking with a unified interface for real-time fleet coordination. Customised operational KPI analytics, including gross/net loading and discharge rates and fuel consumption per ton, are key features. Additionally, the system automates laytime calculations, streamlining work processes and reducing calculation errors.

Strategic Partnership for Operational Excellence
Guglielmo Tersavi, Operations Director at Shi.E.L.D. Services, highlighted the critical role of operational efficiency in bulk logistics. He praised Spinergie for its intuitive design and strong analytics capabilities, which ensure reliable data and significant savings in time and cost. Jean Cristofari, CEO of Spinergie, expressed pride in supporting Shi.E.L.D. Services, foreseeing a long-term relationship and substantial value addition.

Shi.E.L.D. Services’ Commitment to Innovation
With a mission to provide top-tier management and consultancy services in shipping and logistics for dry bulk materials, Shi.E.L.D. Services is committed to offering tailor-made solutions that comply with regulations, respect the environment, and ensure safety and cost efficiency.

Spinergie’s Technological Prowess in Maritime Industry
Spinergie, specialising in emission reduction and vessel performance optimisation, brings a wealth of expertise to this partnership. Its digital platform, powered by millions of data points, leverages proprietary algorithms and industry knowledge to create customised recommendations for each operation and vessel.

This strategic collaboration between Shi.E.L.D. Services and Spinergie marks a significant step towards modernising bulk shipping operations. By harnessing Spinergie’s cutting-edge Smart Fleet Management solution, Shi.E.L.D. Services is set to enhance productivity and achieve emission reduction, contributing to a more sustainable maritime industry.

About Shi.E.L.D. Services
Shi.E.L.D. Services offers expert management and consultancy in the shipping and logistics sectors, specialising in dry bulk materials and committed to sustainable and efficient operations.

About Spinergie
Spinergie is a leader in maritime technology, focusing on emission reduction and optimising marine operations through its advanced digital platform.

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Danelec Enhances Maritime Data Solutions with Acquisition of Nautilus Labs

Danelec, a leader in maritime safety and sustainability solutions, has acquired Nautilus Labs, a New York-based maritime technology company known for its AI-driven analytics platform. This strategic acquisition positions Danelec to offer comprehensive solutions that support and accelerate the maritime industry’s transition to high-quality, high-frequency data, aligning with the green agenda.

Integrating Advanced AI Technology for Maritime Efficiency
The combination of Danelec’s expertise in onboard data capturing and Nautilus Labs’ analytics capabilities will enable the development of innovative solutions for vessel optimisation. The acquisition expands Danelec’s capabilities, providing a complete solution that includes shaft power meters, digital data capturing, and Nautilus Labs’ fleet performance platform, offering valuable insights to enhance operational efficiency and compliance.

Commitment to Customer-Centric Solutions
Casper Jensen, CEO of Danelec, emphasises the company’s technology-agnostic approach, ensuring solutions that fit customers’ specific needs. The integration of Nautilus Labs’ technology will not alter this approach but rather enhance Danelec’s ability to deliver end-to-end digital solutions in maritime digitalisation.

Pioneering a Data-Driven Maritime Future
Matt Heider, CEO of Nautilus Labs, expresses enthusiasm for the combined strengths of both companies. The synergy aims to deliver greater value to customers, leveraging high-quality data from Danelec’s extensive install base to advance Nautilus Labs’ platform further.

Expanding Danelec’s Acquisition Portfolio
This acquisition marks Danelec’s third major purchase within two years, following the acquisition of KYMA AS, a specialist in digital monitoring of ship operations, and the VDR and MDE business of MacGregor in November 2023. These strategic moves underscore Danelec’s commitment to leading the digital transformation in the maritime sector​​.

About Danelec
Danelec is a prominent provider of digital solutions for the maritime industry, specialising in voyage data recorders, shaft power meters, and systems for digital monitoring of ship performance, driving operational optimisation for safety and sustainability.

About Nautilus Labs
Nautilus Labs is a pioneer in maritime technology, leveraging AI to reduce emissions and maximise commercial returns, thereby decarbonising the ocean supply chain.

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