BASS, a leading provider of fleet management software solutions, has entered into a strategic partnership with Procureship, a renowned e-procurement platform for the maritime industry. This collaboration aims to integrate their respective applications, bringing a new level of efficiency and optimisation to maritime procurement processes.

Integration of Advanced E-Procurement Technologies
The partnership will integrate BASSnet™ Fleet Management Systems with Procureship, creating a seamless e-procurement environment for users. BASSnet’s suite of integrated solutions covers technical, operational, financial, and safety management for vessel operators. With this collaboration, users can now execute procurement processes within BASSnet Procurement by linking directly to Procureship, enabling a more streamlined and efficient procurement cycle.

Procureship, known for its leading e-procurement platform, will contribute its real-time market analytics and reporting capabilities to BASSnet users. This feature will support more informed purchasing decisions, enhancing the overall efficiency of fleet management.

Optimisation and Cost Savings
The integration will leverage machine learning and automation technologies, allowing users to optimise the entire maritime procurement process. This advancement is expected to drive cost savings and provide access to a global marketplace of marine suppliers and service providers.

Digitalisation and Data-Driven Decision Making
Grigoris Lamprou, CEO of Procureship, emphasised the importance of digitalisation in streamlining the purchasing workflow and responding to the unique needs of each vessel. Through this partnership, ship owners and fleet managers will gain access to critical data necessary for day-to-day operations, thereby enhancing their capabilities.

Per Steinar Upsaker, CEO and Managing Director at BASS Software, highlighted the increasing demand among ship owners for complete control over purchasing workflow and logistics. The collaboration with Procureship is set to meet this demand by providing users with the advanced digital tools needed to optimise their fleet management capabilities.

This partnership between BASS and Procureship represents a significant step forward in the digitalisation of maritime fleet management. By combining the strengths of both companies, they aim to bring innovative and efficient e-procurement solutions to the maritime sector, enhancing operational efficiency and decision-making processes.

About BASS and Procureship
BASS Software is a global leader in providing ERP maritime solutions, while Procureship offers a leading e-procurement platform for marine buyers and suppliers, focusing on optimising fleet management capabilities.

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