The maritime world is abuzz with the arrival of the first Amels 80 superyacht at Damen Yachting’s main shipyard in Vlissingen, Netherlands. This exceptional vessel, slated for completion in 2025, stands out as a significant addition to the Amels Limited Editions range.

Pioneering Design and Sustainability
The Amels 80, stretching 80 meters (261 feet) in length, is a testament to modern shipbuilding, combining holistic design principles with sustainable materials and innovative hybrid technology. Espen Oeino, the designer, has infused the yacht with Amels’ signature DNA, blending elegance with environmental consciousness.

Hybrid Technology at the Forefront
Romke van der Linde, Damen Yachting’s Project Manager, emphasises that the Amels 80 represents over a century of shipyard innovation, particularly highlighting its hybrid system. This system has already garnered positive feedback in other models like the Amels 60 yachts, reinforcing Damen Yachting’s commitment to sustainability and advanced technology.

Customised Luxury by Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design
The owner of the Amels 80 has opted for a completely custom interior design, crafted by the renowned Dutch design studio Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design. Jan van Hogerwou, Commercial Executive North America at Damen Yachting, notes that the ability to personalize interiors is a key appeal of the Amels Limited Editions superyachts, anticipating that the Amels 80 will be a spectacular rendition upon its delivery​​.

About Damen Yachting
Damen Yachting, a world-renowned shipbuilding company, specialises in crafting bespoke luxury yachts, known for their innovative design, sustainability, and advanced technology.

About Amels
Amels is a leading brand in the luxury superyacht industry, celebrated for its unique blend of elegant design and cutting-edge technology in its Limited Editions range.

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