Yinson GreenTech, a forward-thinking green technology company, has launched Singapore’s first electric cargo vessel, the Hydromover, in collaboration with the Goal Zero Consortium and SeaTech Solutions. This ground-breaking development represents a significant milestone in the maritime industry’s shift towards sustainable operations.

Pioneering Sustainable Maritime Transport
The Hydromover, an 18.5m long lightweight vessel, is capable of carrying up to 25 tons of cargo. It features innovative swappable battery solutions that can reduce operational costs by up to 50% compared to traditional vessels, achieving this through improved energy efficiency and lower maintenance requirements.

A Transformative Moment in Green Shipping
Eirik Barclay, CEO of Yinson GreenTech, described the vessel’s launch as a transformative moment for the company, indicating strong regional interest, including from Indonesia. Yinson GreenTech’s initiative is part of its commitment to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050 and has garnered attention from potential financing and equity partners.

Hydromover as a Living Lab
Constructed by Lita Ocean, the Hydromover will also function as a living lab. Collaborating with the Singapore Institute of Technology and the Technology Centre for Offshore and Marine, Singapore, the vessel will be used to research operational efficiency and safety enhancements. A holistic digital twin of the Hydromover will be created for these research purposes.

Compliance and Recognition
During the launch event, Yinson GreenTech received a certificate of classification for the Hydromover from RINA Hong Kong Limited Singapore Branch, confirming compliance with RINA rules for battery-powered vessels.

The launch of the Hydromover is a significant step towards sustainable maritime operations, underscoring Yinson GreenTech’s commitment to pioneering eco-friendly shipping solutions and contributing to a greener future in maritime transport​​.

About Yinson GreenTech
Yinson GreenTech is a leading provider of green technology solutions, focusing on sustainable maritime innovations and operations.

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