Sternula, a pioneer in maritime communication technology, is spearheading the implementation of AIS 2.0/VDES (VHF Data Exchange System), poised to become the backbone of maritime communication. This advancement enables real-time data exchange among vessels, coastal networks, and satellites, marking a significant evolution from the widely used AIS technology.

Empowering Maritime Authorities with Advanced Communication
Sternula’s commitment to standardising VDES under IALA, IMO, and ITU showcases its dedication to creating a seamless and efficient maritime telecom network. This initiative aims to save lives at sea, reduce pollution from inefficient shipping, and improve the work-life of sailors.

Digital Communication Between Maritime Authorities and Ship Bridge
Maritime authorities are responsible for ensuring maritime safety and providing navigational services within their jurisdiction. The implementation of solutions like VDES is crucial for maritime authorities to enhance safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness in their waters.

Enhancing Safety with DSC Distress Monitoring
Sternula’s technology plays a vital role in distress monitoring and signal collection. VHF-based DSC distress messages are crucial for initiating timely Search-and-Rescue (SAR) operations, especially in remote regions like the Arctic. Sternula’s system enhances vessel safety, offering an increased chance of saving lives by swiftly responding to distress situations.

Maritime Messaging Service (MMS) for Efficient Communication
Sternula offers a scalable connectivity option for maritime machine-to-machine communication solutions. The total installation cost remains low as the cost per installation is limited to the already-mandatory AIS unit. AIS 2.0 facilitates data transfer without an IP address, significantly enhancing security measures and ensuring safer and more reliable data exchange.

Paving the Way for Autonomous Ships
The marine sector is on the cusp of deploying autonomous ships. Sternula’s IoT-based maritime service enables real-time monitoring of ship engines, boilers, and critical systems. This solution aids in predicting maintenance needs and identifying issues at sea, streamlining repairs during port stays, and supporting continuous vessel operation. Sternula’s innovative solutions contribute to the development of Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships (MASS), redefining the future of seafaring.

Sternula’s AIS 2.0/VDES technology represents a ground-breaking development in maritime communication, enhancing safety, reducing inefficiencies, and supporting the transition to autonomous maritime operations.

About Sternula
Sternula is a leader in maritime communication technology, focusing on the development and implementation of innovative solutions like AIS 2.0/VDES to enhance safety and efficiency in maritime operations.

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