NEOM’s Sindalah Island has announced a strategic partnership with Burgess, the leading global superyacht provider, to enhance its position as a world-class yachting destination. This collaboration is set to transform Sindalah into a premier hub for yachting enthusiasts and yacht owners from around the world.

A Vision for Luxury Yachting
Located off the coast of north-west Saudi Arabia, Sindalah Island is poised to become a global yachting hotspot. As the first asset of NEOM to be unveiled, the island promises an unparalleled luxury lifestyle, with Burgess offering a full suite of services to cater to the elite yachting clientele. This partnership will elevate Sindalah’s yachting experience to new heights, making it an essential destination on the global yachting calendar.

Comprehensive Yachting Services by Burgess
Burgess will bring its extensive expertise to Sindalah Island, providing an array of services that encompass every aspect of the yachting lifestyle. These services include Yacht Management, Charter and Charter Management, Sales and Purchase, Yacht Insurance, New Build and Refit projects, Yacht Marketing, and Procurement. This wide range of services ensures that every need of the yachting community is met with the highest standards of excellence.

Commitment to Unmatched Experience
Antoni Vives, Chief Urban Development and Islands Officer at NEOM, emphasises the commitment to transforming Sindalah into a distinctive yachting destination. The island will cater not just to yacht owners but also to guests looking to experience the luxury nautical lifestyle through chartering. Burgess’s involvement will ensure that these experiences are nothing short of extraordinary.

Growing Demand for Superyacht Services
The demand for superyacht services in the region has seen exponential growth, leading Burgess to establish a Middle East presence. With this strategic location, Burgess is perfectly positioned to offer Sindalah’s guests world-class services, from bespoke superyacht charters to managing the logistics of chartering yachts in the Red Sea.

A Partnership for the Future
Jonathan Hind, Managing Director of Burgess Middle East, expressed enthusiasm for being part of Sindalah’s development. The partnership signifies a new chapter in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s maritime industry, with Sindalah Island offering everything the superyacht clientele could desire for an exceptional experience.

The partnership between NEOM’s Sindalah Island and Burgess marks a significant milestone in the global yachting industry. This collaboration is set to redefine luxury yachting in the Red Sea, providing unparalleled experiences and services that cater to the highest standards of luxury and exclusivity.

About NEOM
NEOM is a ground-breaking development project in Saudi Arabia, focusing on innovation, technology, and sustainability, with Sindalah Island being a key component in its vision.

About Burgess
Burgess is renowned globally as a leader in superyacht services, offering unparalleled expertise and services in the yachting sector.

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