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Crew Pages: Revolutionising Maritime Recruitment

Imagine having one place to connect with maritime recruiters worldwide, being visible to all job opportunities, and having access to all maritime jobs in one place. Furthermore, picture connecting with other crew members, exchanging experiences, seeking advice, meeting crew before joining a boat, educating yourself about maritime matters, staying updated on news, finding career mentors, and much more.

We are excited to introduce Crew Pages, the ultimate platform that offers all of the above. Its primary goal is to liberate crew members from the hassle of creating profiles on multiple websites in pursuit of new professional opportunities. The promise of this emerging startup is simple: all maritime jobs in one place and your CV visible to recruiters worldwide.

Gracija Matijevic Crew Pages

Founder’s Vision: A Solution Born from Experience

Crew Pages is an all-maritime social network and job board founded by former superyacht crew member Gracija Matijevic. Gracija identified the challenges faced by newcomers trying to find jobs onboard and conceived a solution. We sat down with Gracija to discuss how he came up with this idea and how both crew members and recruiters can benefit from it.

“For most of my career onboard, I worked on a single yacht with an excellent crew, delightful owners, and an itinerary that suited my family plans. Personally, I didn’t encounter many issues when seeking new opportunities,” Gracija begins his story.

“However, during this time, I observed many of my friends and colleagues spending an excessive amount of time submitting applications on numerous websites, often with little to no response. Knowing people in the industry myself, I would always offer to help by making recommendations or introducing individuals to captains. Then, I realised how challenging it can be to land an opportunity.”

The Crew Pages Solution: Streamlining the Process

The challenge exists on both ends of the spectrum – crew members are inundated with websites requiring their data and applications, while recruiters must sift through numerous unsuitable applications to find the perfect candidate. Crew Pages was developed with this issue in mind – how can crew and recruiters save time in the process while still achieving their goals?

“The primary purpose of the platform is to enable crew members to create profiles for free and access all global job listings. We are continually working on adding new recruiters and jobs online with one mission in mind: one profile, one login, and access to all jobs for crew members. I believe this will help crew members focus on what truly matters – the application process itself,” says Gracija.


“We spent a lot of time working with developers to create a robust search filter option so that recruiters can easily find crew members who match their search criteria and reach out to them,” he adds. “Furthermore, the platform is equally advantageous for recruiters. It’s completely free for them to use, allowing the addition of an unlimited number of maritime jobs. This approach not only broadens the opportunities for crew members but also simplifies the recruitment process for maritime companies.”

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For Crew, by Crew: A Free Platform

Crew Pages is free for all crew members to use. By creating profiles, crew members can input vital data about their professional skills and certifications, apply for jobs, or share their experiences on the “Main Deck,” a social media-like platform.

The ultimate goal is to have a platform with all crew members and all industry jobs in one place. A single location to maintain a profile with all documents stored and communicate with all recruiters and employers.

“Our industry is incredible, but there is still much work to be done in terms of crew working conditions and opportunities offered. Having one joint platform where people can educate themselves, connect with colleagues, and discuss important topics is a fantastic step forward,” explains the founder.

Join the Revolution: Explore Crew Pages Today

If you’re curious about this emerging Maritime Professional Network, feel free to create a new profile and test it out yourself. All information is available on


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