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Global Marine Technology Services: Transforming Maritime, Defence, and Superyacht Sectors.

At the forefront of technology solutions in the Marine, Defence, and Superyacht sectors stands Global Marine Technology Services (GMTS). Renowned for its innovative approach and commitment to quality, GMTS has earned its place as a leading provider of state-of-the-art solutions. In this exclusive feature, we delve into the insights of Nik Roné Thullesen, the Managing Director & Owner of GMTS, to explore the company’s unique offerings, the significance of bespoke solutions, and the future of technology in the maritime industry.


An Unparalleled Offering of State-of-the-Art Solutions

GMTS takes pride in delivering a diverse range of cutting-edge solutions across all the verticals it operates in. From advanced Cellular Communication systems, incorporating technology from Peplink and Poynting Antennas, to World-leading Marine Training Solutions in partnership with Virtual Marine, the company’s portfolio is a testament to its expertise as IT professionals. GMTS particularly excels in developing innovative solutions for Marine and Off-Grid environments, solidifying its position as a technology leader in the maritime domain.

“Our core strength lies in our expertise as IT professionals, with a special focus on developing innovative solutions for Marine and Off-Grid environments.”says Nik


Setting the Bar High: Differentiation and Unique Approach

What sets GMTS apart is its holistic approach to solutions both onboard and ashore, attention to detail, comprehensive documentation, and delivery of high quality solutions are paramount. GMTS goes the extra mile to ensure that every project is completed to perfection, providing the highest levels of stability, functionality, and longevity.

Our expectation is that when we step onboard a vessel, they leave the next day. Our comprehensive documentation and extra attention to installations ensure the highest levels of stability and functionality.”Nik affirms

The Power of Experience: Decades of Expertise in Action

With GMTS’s team boasting decades of experience in technology, defence, maritime, and Superyacht domains, their expertise is a cornerstone of the high-quality, consultative service they offer to clients. Their accumulated knowledge of risks, faults, and challenges enables them to get the job done right the first time, saving clients valuable time and resources.

“With experience comes knowledge of risks, faults, and culprits. When we step onboard a project or vessel, we know how to get the job done right the first time, wasting minimal time.”Nik elaborates.

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The Art of Bespoke Solutions: Tailoring to Specific Needs

GMTS’s commitment to providing bespoke solutions is evident in their ability to create unique technical marvels for clients. For instance, they were one of the first companies globally to offer a remarkable combination of Peplink Products, pushing the boundaries of their engineered purpose. In one instance, GMTS ingeniously retrofitted two 5G modems along with Starlink Maritime on a 70m Motor Yacht and an 82m Sailing Yacht without significant signal loss, achieving a total throughput of almost 1.5Gbps in 2022.

“We were one of the first companies globally to offer a unique combination of Peplink Products that linked them together and extended functionality beyond their originally engineered purpose.” Nik elaborates.

Addressing the Connectivity Needs: Extensive Solutions and Global Reach

With the growing demand for connectivity, GMTS leaves no stone unturned in finding the best solutions for their clients. They partner with companies globally, offering almost endless data and roaming capabilities in the APAC region. Whether SIM-based, Starlink, or VSAT solutions, GMTS ensures clients are seamlessly connected, no matter where they venture.

“We are always on the hunt for new and better deals for our clients, partnering with companies globally. In APAC, we can offer almost endless data and roaming capabilities, and if the service isn’t SIM-based, we can support it via Starlink or VSAT solutions..” Nik states

Staying Ahead in the AV World: Embracing Technological Advancements

In the fast-evolving AV industry, GMTS remains at the cutting edge by actively staying up-to-date with the latest technologies. They attend trade shows, engage with leading partners in the AV world, and collaborate with specialised AV companies to deliver industry-leading solutions. GMTS’s dedication to staying current ensures they can deliver high-end equipment and control methods that enhance the onboard experience for vessel owners.

“We are a technology company through and through. Our partnerships with a series of AV-specialised companies enable us to deliver industry-leading solutions. We attend trade shows annually and stay current with technology through online platforms..”Nik emphasises.


Empowering the Future: Bespoke IT Solutions and Beyond

The ever-increasing reliance on IT systems requires innovative solutions that address present and future challenges. GMTS prides itself on understanding clients’ needs, building systems that are prepared to tackle not only current obstacles but also unforeseen problems. Their bespoke, tried and tested solutions ensure that customers are well-equipped for the evolving technology landscape.

“Continued reliance on technology and exceeding requirements presents a challenge for everyone. We aim to put ourselves in the client’s shoes to build systems that are futureproof.” Nik explains.


LINKing Vessels: Monitoring and Control at Its Finest

GMTS’s LINK remote monitoring platform has revolutionised vessel data, devices, and control systems’ monitoring and control. This industry-renowned equipment allows clients to have full control, both locally and remotely, through an intuitive interface. GMTS’s partnership with Smartyachts Limited in the UK and other leading entities enables the implementation of limitless monitoring and control capabilities for vessels, from NMEA2000 to Modbus systems.

“From the very birth of GMTS, we aimed to make it easier for people to not only be connected but also control their assets remotely and with ease.”Nik shares.


Empowering Training Through Simulation Solutions

As consultants in the marine and defence sector, GMTS harnesses the power of simulation to address specific challenges and requirements. Through fully simulated environments, GMTS delivers cost-effective, efficient, and safe training experiences. Their collaboration with Virtual Marine to deliver STCW training for lifeboats in a fully simulated environment and portable simulator initiatives showcases GMTS’s commitment to innovative training methodologies.

We’ve been using simulation for several decades across various fields of training. This technology allows us to expand scenarios to include undesirable locations, situations, environments, or disasters while maintaining safety, control, and valuable learning objectives.” Nik elaborates.


Smart Port Solutions: The Future of Port Control and Monitoring

GMTS’s collaborative efforts with leading brands like Vissim drive the development of smart port solutions. Combining products from Axis and Peplink, GMTS offers cost-effective port monitoring, remote alarm systems, vessel tracking, and online VTS systems that are truly world-leading. Their forward-looking approach seeks to break into the smart port market in 2023 and 2024, revolutionising the landscape of port control and monitoring.

“We’ve partnered with Vissim to deliver smart port solutions for the future. Together with product suppliers like Axis and Peplink, we can provide cost-effective port monitoring, remote alarm systems, vessel tracking, and online VTS systems that are world-leading..”Nik highlights.


Real-Time Data: Powering Safe Operations and Maintenance

As the reliance on real-time data increases worldwide, GMTS provides robust solutions that enable remote monitoring and IoT capabilities on a global scale. Access to real-time data empowers clients with timely insights, driving safe operations, environmental monitoring, improved navigation, and better compliance. GMTS’s initiatives in real-time data for container tracking, predictive maintenance, and insurance risk management have set a new standard in the maritime industry.

“Having access to real-time data in the marine industry can bring numerous advantages for safe operations and maintenance.” Nik points out.


Forging the Future: GMTS – Leading the Way in Maritime Technology

Global Marine Technology Services (GMTS) is a driving force behind technological advancements in the maritime industry. As pioneers of innovation and bespoke solutions, GMTS’s commitment to excellence, industry-leading partnerships, and unparalleled expertise propel the company to the forefront of the Marine, Defence, and Superyacht sectors.

With a proactive approach to technology adoption, GMTS stands ready to navigate the seas of change in the ever-evolving maritime landscape. As technology continues to shape the industry, GMTS remains steadfast in its dedication to delivering the best-in-class solutions that empower vessel owners, enhance safety, and embrace the limitless potential of maritime technology. As clients embark on their maritime journey, GMTS will undoubtedly remain the trusted companion, leading the way to a brighter, more connected future in the world of maritime technology.