Damen Shipyards, a global leader in shipbuilding, has marked a significant milestone by delivering three state-of-the-art ASD Tugs to WUZ Port and Maritime Services in Poland. This delivery underscores Damen’s commitment to advancing maritime efficiency and innovation.

Modern Fleet Enhancement
The tugs, named Pax, Ares, and Mars, are tailored to meet the evolving demands of modern ports. Pax, constructed in the U.A.E., and Ares and Mars, built in Vietnam, exemplify the fusion of compact design with high performance, crucial for operations in increasingly busy and constrained port environments.

Strategic Role in Port of Gdansk
These tugs significantly bolster the operational capacity of WUZ Port and Maritime Services, enhancing their ability to handle a diverse range of vessels at the Port of Gdansk. The port, undergoing significant expansion and modernisation, will benefit immensely from the versatility and power of these new additions.

Response to Expansion and LNG Operations
The acquisition aligns with the expansion of the Port of Gdansk, including new container and LNG facilities. Equipped with advanced firefighting capabilities (FIFI 1), these tugs are well-prepared to support the port’s diverse operational needs, particularly in the burgeoning LNG sector.

Reflections from Industry Leaders
Marek Wengrzyn, CEO of WUZ Port and Maritime Services, praised the tugs’ reliability and the enhanced service provision they will offer. Justin Rietveld from Damen Shipyards echoed these sentiments, highlighting the longstanding partnership between the two companies.

The delivery of these ASD Tugs by Damen to WUZ Port and Maritime Services is a testament to Damen’s leadership in maritime technology and its role in enhancing the operational capabilities of major ports like Gdansk. This move not only strengthens Poland’s maritime infrastructure but also sets new standards in port operations efficiency and safety.

About Damen Shipyards
Damen Shipyards is renowned for its innovative shipbuilding solutions, contributing significantly to the global maritime industry with a focus on efficiency, sustainability, and advanced technology.

About WUZ Port and Maritime Services
WUZ Port and Maritime Services is Poland’s leading towage company, playing a pivotal role in the operations of the Port of Gdansk, one of the busiest ports in the region.

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