Fugro, a global leader in geotechnical and survey services, has finalised a binding agreement to acquire SEA-KIT International, a pioneering company in uncrewed surface vessels (USVs) for low-carbon maritime operations and research. This acquisition marks the culmination of a longstanding partnership between Fugro and SEA-KIT, showcasing their shared commitment to advancing USV technology.

Revolutionising Maritime Operations with USVs
Fugro and SEA-KIT have achieved notable milestones in the development of USV technology, including the introduction of the industry’s first commercially available remotely operated USV and electric-powered remotely operated vehicle (ROV) combination for offshore asset inspection and monitoring. This collaboration has led to significant approvals from authorities across Europe, the Middle East, and Australia, enabling the operation of their jointly developed USV and ROV solution through a global network of remote operations centres.

Deploying Advanced USV Solutions
Fugro’s deployment of five Fugro Blue Essence® 12-metre USVs across key regions and the completion of the world’s first fully remote inspection of offshore wind farm assets conducted by a USV and integrated ROV demonstrate the potential of this technology. The partnership has been recognised with numerous global awards for innovations enhancing safety, speed, and sustainability in offshore operations.

Leadership Perspectives on the Acquisition
Henk van Dalen, Director of Blue Robotics at Fugro, welcomed the SEA-KIT team into the Fugro family, noting their expertise in expanding the SEA-KIT product line within the maritime industry. He emphasised the commitment to ensuring a seamless integration process and collaborating closely to optimise the value delivered to their unified customer base.

Anticipated Advancements and Future Prospects
The acquisition, expected to conclude by the end of 2023, will see SEA-KIT continuing to deliver top-tier USV products, enabling cost-effective operations while significantly reducing carbon emissions. Future advancements include the unveiling of the Blue Eclipse® 18-metre USV for swift pipeline and deep-water asset inspections, alongside a zero-emissions hydrogen-powered USV.

About Fugro
Fugro is a leading global provider of geotechnical, survey, subsea, and geoscience services, focusing on innovation and sustainability in marine robotics and offshore operations.

About SEA-KIT International
SEA-KIT International is a leader in uncrewed surface vessel technology, developing solutions for low-carbon maritime operations and offshore asset management.

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