In a groundbreaking development for sustainable maritime logistics, Bolloré Logistics has unveiled its SEAalternative program. This innovative offering is designed to drastically reduce the carbon footprint of ocean shipments by incorporating biofuel as a key component, in line with the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) goals of significantly lowering ocean freight carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) emissions by 2050.

A Leap in Sustainable Ocean Freight
SEAalternative, initially offered through a limited number of carriers, has expanded its availability across various trade lanes and shipping carriers. This expansion allows for both unique shipments and contractual agreements. The solution stands out for its potential to reduce CO2e emissions by up to 84% compared to traditional maritime transportation, adhering to the stringent guidelines set by the Smart Freight Centre.

The program’s biofuel is derived from recycled cooking oil, strategically excluding palm oil to uphold environmental standards. Bolloré Logistics meticulously manages the allocation of biofuel to client shipments, providing detailed quarterly reports on carbon savings. These reports are audited annually by an independent third party, ensuring transparency and reliability.

Aligning with Corporate Social Responsibility
SEAalternative is a significant part of Bolloré Logistics’ ‘Powering Sustainable Logistics’ CSR initiative, launched in 2018. The program aims to deliver sustainable solutions across the supply chain. As outlined by Odile Maarek, Organization, Methods, and CSR Director at Bolloré Logistics, the company is committed to reducing its absolute scope 3 GHG emissions from downstream transportation and distribution by 22% by 2030, using 2022 as the base year. This target aligns with the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), reflecting the company’s dedication to integrating sustainability into its operations and encouraging its customers to do the same.

The SEAalternative initiative by Bolloré Logistics marks a significant stride in the maritime industry’s journey towards sustainability. By leveraging biofuels for ocean shipping, the company not only aligns with global environmental objectives but also sets a precedent for the industry to follow in sustainable practices.

About Bolloré Logistics
Bolloré Logistics is a global leader in logistics and supply chain management, committed to delivering innovative and sustainable solutions in the maritime industry.

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