MAN Energy Solutions has made a significant advancement in maritime technology with the announcement of its dual-fuel 175D engine, the MAN 175DF-M. This engine, capable of operating on methanol, is set to be available by the end of 2026. It represents a significant step in sustainable maritime practices, showcasing a commitment to reducing environmental impact in the shipping industry.

A Pioneering Step in Sustainable Maritime Propulsion
The MAN 175DF-M is designed for both new-build and retrofit variants, offering versatility and accessibility for a range of maritime vessels. Optimised for diesel-mechanical and diesel-electric propulsion, this engine is aimed at achieving maximum efficiency and a high methanol share across various applications and load profiles. The engine has been awarded a ‘fuel ready’ certificate by DNV, indicating its readiness for widespread adoption of dual-fuel methanol technology.

Florian Keiler, Head of High Speed at MAN Energy Solutions, highlighted the MAN 175D’s competitive edge in sustainability and efficiency, noting its low fuel and lube-oil consumption, and long overhaul times – all factors that contribute to a minimized environmental footprint. The introduction of methanol combustion is seen as the next critical step in the evolution of future fuels, including 100% bio-fuels.

Innovative Technology and Customer-Centric Development
The 175D engine, a recent addition to MAN Energy Solutions’ high-speed maritime sector, plays a crucial role in the company’s strategy to develop a methanol-ready engine portfolio. Building on the success of its two-stroke engines, MAN Energy Solutions has applied its expertise to optimise its four-stroke engines. This includes successful single-cylinder testing, which will inform the development and validation of dual-fuel PFI (Port Fuel Injection) technology for the methanol-ready 175D engine.

Keiler further explained that the development of the 175DF-M was guided by customer feedback, emphasising the importance of the dual-fuel principle, reliability, efficiency, high methanol share, competitive lifecycle costs, and maximum output. The PFI combustion technology was chosen as the most favorable option, with fundamental combustion development set to begin in 2024 and a first field test of the methanol engine planned for 2026.

Environmental Impact and Global Operations
The PFI technology is recognised as one of the most advanced in the market. It targets the highest methanol share over a wide power range, achieving the highest cylinder output in its class. Particularly in diesel-electric multi-engine plants, this optimisation will allow engines to operate at optimal load points, further enhancing methanol utilisation. Notably, when using biofuels, the MAN 175DF-M’s carbon footprint could be reduced to zero, while retaining full fuel flexibility for worldwide operations.

The announcement of the MAN 175DF-M engine marks a significant milestone in the maritime industry’s journey towards more sustainable and efficient shipping solutions. MAN Energy Solutions’ innovation in dual-fuel technology paves the way for a greener future in maritime transportation.

About MAN Energy Solutions
MAN Energy Solutions is a global leader in the development of advanced maritime engines and technology, with a focus on sustainability and innovation in the high-speed maritime sector.

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