The International Maritime Organisation (IMO), in collaboration with the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), has successfully concluded the SWiFT project with the implementation of the Maritime Single Window (MSW) system at the Port of Lobito, Angola, marking a significant milestone in maritime digital transformation.

Advancing Digitalisation in Maritime Operations
The Port of Lobito’s adoption of the MSW system streamlines the electronic submission of information required for ship clearance through a single online portal. This innovation enhances the efficiency of port calls and aligns with the global maritime sector’s aspirations for digitalisation and decarbonisation.

Aligning with Global Maritime Standards
The implementation of MSW at Lobito is in preparation for the upcoming mandatory requirement for ports worldwide to operate Maritime Single Windows from January 1, 2024. This mandate, part of the amendments to the FAL Convention, is a crucial step in standardising and improving global maritime operations.

Collaborative Effort for Technological Advancement
The SWiFT project, initiated by IMO and Singapore in 2021, demonstrates the power of strategic partnerships in facilitating digital interconnectivity for medium-sized ports. The project’s success at the Port of Lobito is a testament to the collaborative efforts of IMO, MPA, and various Angolan stakeholders.

Global Implications and Future Prospects
Julian Abril from IMO and Gavin Yeo from MPA emphasised the global significance of the project and its potential to enhance efficiencies in international shipping, port operations, and global supply chains. The initiative builds on IMO’s previous success in implementing MSW systems, signalling continued progress in maritime digital transformation.

The successful implementation of the Maritime Single Window system at the Port of Lobito underlines the importance of digital innovation in the maritime sector. It represents a major step forward in the digitalisation journey of global maritime operations, contributing significantly to the efficiency and sustainability of the industry.

About the International Maritime Organisation (IMO)
The IMO, a specialised agency of the United Nations, focuses on shipping matters including maritime safety, pollution prevention, and the facilitation of international maritime traffic.

About the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA)
MPA, established in 1996, drives Singapore’s development as a global hub port and international maritime centre while championing digitalisation and decarbonisation efforts in the maritime domain.

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