Targray, a prominent supplier of renewable fuels and supply chain solutions, has announced its new partnership with Green Marine, a leading environmental certification program for the maritime industries in North America and Europe. This partnership underscores Targray’s dedication to reducing the maritime sector’s carbon footprint and advancing the transition to low-carbon fuels.

Pioneering Sustainable Maritime Solutions
Targray’s engagement with Green Marine solidifies its commitment to decarbonising maritime shipping, a sector with substantial fuel consumption exceeding 330 million metric tons annually. This strategic move aligns with the global imperative to transition towards more sustainable energy sources.

Addressing the Maritime Industry’s Environmental Challenges
The maritime industry faces increasing pressure to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. Targray’s Green Marine membership is a testament to the company’s efforts to leverage its global influence and expertise in significantly reducing these emissions.

Leading the Shift to Low-Carbon Maritime Operations
Andrew Richardson, President of Targray, emphasises the crucial role of maritime shipping in global trade and the necessity of its transition to low-carbon fuels for a sustainable future. Targray’s international presence positions it as a key player in supporting bunker fuel suppliers and customers in their journey towards sustainability and decarbonisation.

Green Marine’s Expanding Influence
Established as a nonprofit certification program, Green Marine has expanded its reach beyond North America to Europe in 2020. Its mission transcends regulatory compliance, focusing on real environmental improvement in the maritime industry. It actively engages various maritime stakeholders, including shipowners, ports, terminals, and shipyards, in its quest for continuous improvement.

Targray’s Longstanding Commitment to Sustainability
With a history of partnerships in over 50 countries since 1987, Targray is dedicated to creating sustainable value across the supply chain and reducing the global carbon footprint. The company is committed to delivering solutions that foster safer and more reliable products for consumers worldwide.

Targray’s partnership with Green Marine marks a significant step in fostering positive transformation within the maritime industry. By promoting sustainable marine fuels and supply chain solutions, Targray is at the forefront of driving environmental stewardship in maritime operations.

About Targray
Targray is a global leader in the supply of renewable fuels, feedstock, and supply-chain solutions, committed to advancing sustainable energy practices and reducing carbon emissions in the maritime industry.

About Green Marine
Green Marine is a leading environmental certification program, fostering environmental improvements in the maritime industry in North America and Europe through stakeholder engagement and continuous improvement strategies.

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